Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fun Finds

Happy Happy Friday! We love Friday's around here but who doesn't right?!

This weekend is fairly full. Tonight we're going over to visit some friends. Tomorrow dental appointments then my Dad, Stepmom and Grandmother are all coming down for an overnight visit. I'm looking forward to it all. Yes, even the dentist appointment. I LOVE going to the dentist! I'm slightly teeth obsessed (white teeth matter!) so going to the dentist is a pleasure for me. (Keep in mind this is coming from a girl who's never had to suffer through major dental work. i.e a root canal, sorry hubs!)

My fun finds/wish list runs the gamut today...

I am convinced that with this little kit I could build any of the projects on my 'to do' list. I've already advised Handsome Hubs of this and in fact asked him to start teaching me how to use more tools. If I felt more confident in my building skills I'm quite certain that I could whip up the dollhouse bookcase, home office desk, and the little tike wooden picnic table projects all by myself. All these projects have been sitting on the back burner while handsome hubby works on the hardwoods and it'd feel great to do them myself.

Everyone needs a fairy door. I've enjoyed reading the Red Shoes blog and would love to visit her store in person someday. Until then I've enjoyed perusing through her little online store and recently came across this, a fairy door! Yes, you heard me right! How cute would this be in a little girls room? I'm quite positive my little Laney Lou needs one. They come in a couple of different colors. Fun, fun! She really has some neat things and I love the pictures from her store. Makes me wish Ann Arbor, MI wasn't so far away. Apparently the little fairy doors are a phenomenon as they've been 'subtly incorporated into cafes, retails stores...' in the area. Honestly, I just think that's so cute.

And something fun for Big Brothers room...original artwork from Etsy. Love the colors and the fact that it's a way for him to learn the planets. Cool!

Last but not least, another Etsy find...because we all know most things look best monogrammed. ;)
This little 'cafe latte' brown night light would look great in my hall upstairs.

Hope to be updating with a project I made soon!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Well snap my bowtie and call me whiplashed!

I know, quite shocking isn't? Me? Posting again so soon? I'm on a role folks.....

This weekend has been pleasant so far. Went up to the 'Northland' as we like to call it around here to visit a friend this morning. She recently moved into a new home and it's beautiful. I took the kids while Handsome Hubby worked on the hardwood floor. Oh yes, the hardwood floor project continues. Getting the last coat to go on smoothly has been nothing short of a nightmare. Anyway, I made him take this picture of me with the kids as up until now I've not had one with them. (I'm always on the other side of the lens it seems.)

I finished up the front entryway project the other night. Well, as with any project in my home, it's never really finished. I would like to add a few smaller black flower pots next to the urns and fill them with some colorful flowers to make the area pop. I'm also on the hunt for a wreath but
I've not found anything I just love yet.
We added the wrought iron piece above the door and I think I like it. I'm just not 100% positive yet. We live in the 'burbs, hence the 'Suburban Momma' and many of the houses look similar, I'll admit it. In fact, we get static sometimes from our non-suburban friends about how we live in cupcake land, all the houses look alike. Adding the black iron piece is kind of my little way of making my home more distinctive. :)
What do you think, should it stay or should it go?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Me = Bad Blogger

Seriously, where is the time going?

I've had to drive up to the office this week for a team meeting and I've had work related functions the last couple evenings. Happy to say tomorrow is the last day for the meeting so things can get back to normal around here. It is nice to see my work friends since we're all virtual we don't get together but a couple times a year. The team is spread throughout the US so it's a big production to get us all together.

With time to kill between meetings a friend and I went to a new(ish) outdoor shopping area near the office. They have a GREAT little children's store there called Marshmallow Kisses. I've shopped their store online but getting to go and see everything in person was a real treat. They have such adorable and I do mean ADORABLE stuff. If you're in or around the KC area you should check the store out at the Zona Rosa. I found several things I'm quite certain my kids can't live without :) as well as several great project ideas. One of which I hope to make this weekend and will have to post about if it turns out like I think it will.


We've needed a new clock for our living room for quite awhile now. I wasn't sure what I wanted but during one of my weekly trips to Target I found this one on sale and just loved it.

I'm a big fan of using larger, more over sized objects to make statements rather then a bunch of tiny little pieces. I've found that sometimes the smaller pieces can looked cluttered if they're not grouped together properly. The shells on the top shelf are from Jamaica and are just seasonal. I'm constantly changing out my displays and I can say that this isn't one of my most favorite looks. Unfortunately I've not had time to get too creative over the past couple months. (Imagine that!)


I'm still working on my front entry projects. I painted the door black to match the urns but I need to do a few more things before I can call it done. Here's a little peek at one of the urns I talked about recently. Probably not new to you gardeners out there but my new favorite potting plant is the bright green sweet potato vine. As you can see from the picture it is such a vivid green and it's great for draping over pots. LOVE IT! I took this picture probably about a week ago and it's amazing how much the plants have grown since then.

I'm hoping to get the front entry project pretty much finished this weekend so maybe I can get some more pictures posted then.


And since I haven't posted any pictures of Big Brother lately here's one of him enjoying some some pool time last weekend.

Yes, mothers lock up your daughters this one's going to be trouble! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Potpourri Post

Forewarning: this is a bit of random post...

So I'm not sure what my deal is but lately I've been tearing up at the silliest things. I don't really think it's postpartum depression because I don't feel depressed when I get teary. (If that makes any sense.) I've just noticed that I get teary more easily and just as quickly as I tear up it passes.

For example, while reading this book the other night to Aidan I got teary. Seriously, I teared up over this book. Although this may be a touching story with a good moral, I don't think most would be moved to tears after reading it. I must say though that boy is so selfish. Poor tree!

Here's another example, every time I listen to the song 'Goodbye My Lover' by James Blunt I get teary. I have this downloaded and have heard it a million times before so why do I still tear up? In fact, although handsome hubs is not a James Blunt fan I all but forced him to listen to, then download this song onto his ipod. Curtly informing him he needed to be more sensitive. LOL
OK, to my defense though I have heard that this song is played at funerals more then any other song at the moment. Who knew?

Completely switching gears, I did not get much in the way of projects done over the weekend. I did manage to get the black urns placed at my front door. I'm really pleased with the plant selection I used and how they've turned out. Tonight I hope to get a start on re-painting the front door. I'll try to get some pictures taken once I've got the door painted so you can take a look. I really think it's going to look sharp.

For good measure I'm throwing in this funny picture of Delaney. I was busy snapping pictures the other day, so tickled to have her hair adorned in some girly way being as none of her bows will work (due to lack of hair) when I took this one. So adorable until you look down to discover her sending the most unladylike gesture.

Nice. What can I say? That's my girl!

More later!