Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fun Finds

Happy Happy Friday! We love Friday's around here but who doesn't right?!

This weekend is fairly full. Tonight we're going over to visit some friends. Tomorrow dental appointments then my Dad, Stepmom and Grandmother are all coming down for an overnight visit. I'm looking forward to it all. Yes, even the dentist appointment. I LOVE going to the dentist! I'm slightly teeth obsessed (white teeth matter!) so going to the dentist is a pleasure for me. (Keep in mind this is coming from a girl who's never had to suffer through major dental work. i.e a root canal, sorry hubs!)

My fun finds/wish list runs the gamut today...

I am convinced that with this little kit I could build any of the projects on my 'to do' list. I've already advised Handsome Hubs of this and in fact asked him to start teaching me how to use more tools. If I felt more confident in my building skills I'm quite certain that I could whip up the dollhouse bookcase, home office desk, and the little tike wooden picnic table projects all by myself. All these projects have been sitting on the back burner while handsome hubby works on the hardwoods and it'd feel great to do them myself.

Everyone needs a fairy door. I've enjoyed reading the Red Shoes blog and would love to visit her store in person someday. Until then I've enjoyed perusing through her little online store and recently came across this, a fairy door! Yes, you heard me right! How cute would this be in a little girls room? I'm quite positive my little Laney Lou needs one. They come in a couple of different colors. Fun, fun! She really has some neat things and I love the pictures from her store. Makes me wish Ann Arbor, MI wasn't so far away. Apparently the little fairy doors are a phenomenon as they've been 'subtly incorporated into cafes, retails stores...' in the area. Honestly, I just think that's so cute.

And something fun for Big Brothers room...original artwork from Etsy. Love the colors and the fact that it's a way for him to learn the planets. Cool!

Last but not least, another Etsy find...because we all know most things look best monogrammed. ;)
This little 'cafe latte' brown night light would look great in my hall upstairs.

Hope to be updating with a project I made soon!


Splaneyo said...

I am still new to your blog, but I almost fell out of my chair when I saw "Laney Lou". That is what I call my daughter! Her name is Laney, middle name Sue, but I call her Laney Lou or Lou-Lou all the time. It is not something you hear often.
We actually live near Catherine's Red Shoes store. You can close your eyes to pick something because everything is darling.
Have a great day.

Splaneyo said...
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CJ said...

I adore the fairy door!

Kerry said...

that fairy door is so adorable!

restyled home said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am already planning my purchase of one of those fairy doors. I can just picture it in my kitchen...oh look what you've done!!

Your blog is a fun read and your home is lovely. I'll be back!!


melissa c said...

LOVE the fairy door :)
And ... the monogranned night light. Do you have a link to that Etsy shop??

username: mccaligiuri
pasword: lulubelle

Southern Sugar said...

I wanted you to know that the pink tool kit was so cute I went to order it and found it on for less at 29.99 and they have a tool kit for cars in pink too. Thanks for the post. I love your blog.