Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just have to share!

We had professional pictures taken of the kids just after Thanksgiving and this is the one we chose for the Christmas Cards.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Stocking Stuffer Ideas - a few of my current faves

I've recently found a couple of great products that I thought I'd share with you. (In case you're looking for some last minute stocking stuffers!)

Cover Girl's LashBlast mascara - drugstores approx 6.99
I've been reading in several magazines great reviews about this mascara but it took looking at 3 different stores before I finally found it. It's pretty new so I don't know if the issue was that not all stores have it in stock yet or if they're just selling out that fast. The wand is big and a bit hard to get used to initially but I really like how it works!

Bare Escentuals - bareVitamins Prime Time Foundation Primer - approx 21.00
A friend who also uses Bare Escentuals products recommended this primer and I think it works great.
Sonja Kashuk - Kashuk Tools Bristle Hair Brush - 14.99 at Target
I read reviews about this brush a while back and had to try it. The reviews were comparing it to the very pricey Mason Pearson brush and raved about how great it worked. It's from the Sonja Kashuk line at Target and although it too, took a couple of trips to different Targets to find, I have been using it for a few weeks now and am impressed. In fact, I've received several comments on how soft and shiny my hair looks, it just feels healthier after I brush it.

MAC lipglass - Lustreglass in Lustrewhite - approx 14.00
The color featured in the picture above is not the color I've been using but all of the MAC Lustreglass shades seem great. The one I'm using right now is Lustrewhite and it's the perfect neutral lip gloss. Instant Gold is one that I'd like to try as I have a friend that uses it and it really looks good.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The HomeGoods Store

I just love Marshall's HomeGoods store. I could spend hours just milling around there. Here's a find from my last 2 hour trip to the store. I have a little Santa collection going and I love how he has a vintage look and was only 7.99!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Misc Projects in the works

Busy as usual around our house with Christmas shopping, decorating, celebrating and a couple of projects underway in the midst of it all.

One of the projects we've been working on is an old dresser my Mother gave us that she had in storage which will be in Aidan's room. We decided to paint the dresser in a dark brown color called 'Burnt Tile' by Valspar at Lowe's. I picked this color based on a changing table Lowe's featured in their Creative Ideas magazine.

Taking a 'before' picture was a bit of an afterthought. As you can see, the 'before' picture was taken after work was underway! Sorry, some of these pictures are a bit blurry.

I already painted the dresser in these pictures but as you can see the bottom had a scalloped edge which, although it would have been cute had we painted it white, we decided the dresser needed a cleaner line with the modern brushed nickel hardware and dark brown color.

This picture is a bit blurry but as you can see we pulled the front scalloped piece of the dresser and replaced it with a piece of wood handsome hubby routered to create a beveled edge to match the rounded edge on the top of the dresser.

And ta-da! Here is the finished look! I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The mirror will be hung above the dresser and I have yet to put my decorative touch on the top but I'd like to get a small brushed nickel lamp (I LOVE lamps!) and a few other accessories added soon.

Handsome Hubby also built the dollhouse bookcase which I've talked about in previous posts. I'm finishing up painting it and hope to have it done and pictures to share by the end of this weekend. It's really turning out cute!

Since I have some vacation time to use up before the end of the year I am taking tomorrow off to do some running around. I have some Christmas shopping to do and then a hair appt. I'm trying to work up the nerve to cut some of the length off, maybe to my shoulders but there's a good chance I'll chicken out once I get there. I just need to do something different with it.

Tomorrow night we're going with some friends to see a theatre performance of A Christmas Carol. We plan to grab a bit to eat beforehand down at the Plaza which is just beautiful this time of year. I'm really looking forward to some adult time.

More updates soon!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, Monday

It has been a long evening and so I must first start by complaining. Feel free to skip over this if you have no desire to hear about my child and our bedtime war stories. I completely understand. Ugh. It's now after 10pm and we're still struggling to get Aidan to sleep. He was to go to bed over 1 1/2 hrs ago and he is still fighting it. As a result Handsome Hubby and I are at odds again on how this should be handled. I firmly believe that Aidan needs to learn that if we say there will be one story then there will be one story. Period. End of story. Saying one thing then doing another after he throws a fit isn't doing anyone any good. It's showing him that by fussing he will get his way. Handsome Hubby tends to give in when pushed by Aidan. I'll admit that I've given in on occasion as well but overall I understand that if we consistently follow through with what we say he will eventually get that and stop. Although I know Handsome Hubby understands this as well, he still tends to give in, which ultimately drags the bedtime routine out to 2 plus hrs. For example, tonight I spent 30 minutes in the hallway, taking Aidan back to his room every time he came out. The first time I told him that it was bedtime and that's final. The next 8 times I didn't say a word, I just picked him up while he was throwing his fit and crying and put him back in his bed. I'm spent. Honestly I am. My body is sore, my nerves are worn and I'm beyond frustrated but by golly I am standing my ground. Hubby finally comes upstairs, comes into the room and says that he'll take care of it. I was so upset because I know what that means. It means he will lay down and tell him another story, unraveling everything I just spend the last 30 minutes trying to do. Sure enough I can hear him in there telling another story even as I write.
Honestly, how do people do it? Everything I've read says that although the first week or so may be miserable you just need to be consistent and keep putting them back in their room. What is a person to do if their spouse doesn't follow this same consistency? Somethings gotta give.


Ratatouille Review: Did you check out Ratatouille on DVD over the weekend? We enjoyed our little movie night last Tuesday and although I liked the movie, I didn't LOVE it. It was cute and I'm glad we have it on hand to watch again but it wasn't my nor was it Aidan's favorite. I would definitely recommend renting or buying it for the kids to watch but it probably won't end up on your top 5 list. Tomorrow is the release of Shrek the 3rd. I've heard mixed reviews. We'll probably end up getting it just to complete the set. Have any of you seen it yet and if so, did you like it?


Day of Beauty: So last Friday a friend and I took the day off to do some shopping, have a leisurely lunch and get massages. I hadn't taken a day off in awhile and I was needing it desperately. I called it our 'day of beauty' because we were focused on looking for some of the beauty products we'd been hearing such great reviews on but had not yet tried, plus we were getting massages. Anyway, it was a fun day, my friend ended up getting half her Christmas shopping done (which wasn't really part of the 'day of beauty' plan but it was shopping nonetheless). I myself am not ready for full on Christmas shopping. As you know, I like to make lists and I prefer to have pre-planned lists before I head out. Seeing her get so much done already inspired me to finalize my gift-giving lists this week. I've pretty much figured out what I'm getting everyone this year and I've even started on my own wish list. ;) How are you all doing on your Christmas shopping, have you started yet?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not just another Tuesday...

The day has FINALLY arrived and Aidan couldn't be more excited! (Ok, maybe I'm a bit excited too.) :) In case your calendars weren't marked like mine, today is the day Ratatouille comes out on DVD. Aidan has talked about this movie for a long time and since we missed it in theatre's we've been waiting for its release on DVD. It has received great reviews and should be fun to watch. We told Aidan that if he was good and minded his manners that we would get this movie as a special treat. Not missing a beat, one of the first things he mentioned after waking up this morning was getting the Ratatouille movie.
I think rather then making him wait until the weekend to watch it we'll all watch it tonight and perhaps pick up Papa Murphy's pizza to make it a true movie night. We'll start the movie early so as not to mess with bedtime but it should make a normally uneventful Tuesday night a bit more fun. I'll have to give you our review of the movie tomorrow!
If you're not interested in buying the movie for your collection you should take a look at renting it from RedBox. Most McDonald's have the RedBox now and it's only $1 to rent a movie! That's unbelievable nowadays when Blockbuster is around $4 for a new release. We've rented several movies from RedBox and we've found it to be pretty convenient. The nice thing is that you can return the movie to any RedBox so you don't necessarily have to go back to the same one you picked it up from.
Next Tuesday is the release date for Shrek the 3rd. We're looking forward to seeing that one too. And yes, even though I'm 31 I just love the Shrek movies.
Hope you find a way to make your Tuesday a little special.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hello? Is anybody out there?

Hello! Is there anyone still out there visiting my blog or have you all given up on me?! I know I've been a horrible blogger taking an unannounced leave for 2 months. Actually I had not planned to be away so long but things got very busy, so much so that although I'm still frequenting your blogs, I have neglected mine. I hope to be a better blogger and start posting on a regular basis. Hopefully I've not lost you all forever! :)

Since my last post in August we've been busy enjoying the season. Perhaps it'd be easiest to share some pictures.
Aidan started preschool

turned 3 years old.....

attended several KU Football games...

Laneybug has grown and grown...

Done some painting and fall decorating...

Preschool field trips to the pumpkin patch...

Family trips to the pumpkin patch...

Harvest party at preschool, dressed last minute as a Train Conductor...

One month in preview: Coming up tomorrow of course is Halloween, this weekend is the KU Homecoming game and a dinner party at a co-workers house. I've got a girls day out the following Friday with a close friend of mine with tentative plans for massages, a long leisurely lunch and shopping. Family will be coming to town (hopefully) the weekend of the 10th, another KU football game the 17th, Thanksgiving the 22nd, and the final KU vs MU game at the Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium on the 24th! Very much looking forward to the next few weeks...hard to believe the holiday season is just around the corner. I found some fun Xmas ideas that I will have to share with you all on a later post.

More updates soon...I promise! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Big Bubba eludes us and other randomness.

What a pleasant surprise! The lovely 'HeadHen' at Runnin' the Roost awarded me the 'Nice Matters' award. How very sweet to even be considered for such an award. Thank you!!

As I understand it, I in turn nominate 7 fellow bloggers to receive the prestigious award. :) Sorry, if you've already been nominated. Guess that just means you're super duper nice!

1. CJ Savvy Momma

2. Bon Bon Boutique

3. Seeker FunkyJunkCo

4. Happy Homemaker

5. Perfectly Pink

6. A Passion for Scrapbooking, Decorating and Shopping

7. Preppy Napkin

Ok, so I'm adding an 8th because she is beyond nice. :)

8. Workin' That Preppy

Busy, busy, busy....

- Went for our second annual family trip to the Iowa State Fair. Apparently a friend of my Dad's had an award winning pig, Bubba, that was to be there. Aidan was terribly excited to meet Bubba. Unfortunately we looked all over that darn swine barn and could not find the elusive pig. Knowing Aidan would not let us leave until we spotted him we eventually found a random, non-exceptional pig, and dubbed him Bubba. We stopped for a quick visit with 'Bubba' and took lots of pictures. Aidan was happy and we were finally able to leave the stinky swine barn. :) Although I love a good tradition and the IA State Fair is one of the best of its kind, we have decided that perhaps going annually may be a bit much.

- Aidan starts preschool on August 20th. He has a school supply shopping list! How fun!

- We're planning for Aidan's big 3yr b-day. Keeping it pretty low-key this year. Rented a little shelter at a nearby park. The theme is dinosaurs because he is obsessed with them at the moment. In the process of trying to come up with a few dinosaur themed games.

- My in-law's are moving to our suburb today and my brother-in-law is flying in from Ft Meyers to help with the move. They lived about an an hour and 15 mins away before, now they will be 7 minutes away. This should be interesting. :)

- Almost done with the hardwood floor project. Next projects I'd like to focus on; repainting the living/kitchen/half bath, replacing the half bath fixtures, make home office desk. Bought several little test cans and am thinking we like Bamboo from the Eddie Bauer Home paint. Seems to be a warm brown/beigey color. I don't suppose by chance any of you have used this color?

It has almost been to hot to even work on projects. If it requires any work in the garage to get it done it's just not worth it at the moment. However, it does look like we might finally be getting a break from the high 90's. Woo hoo!


Now that our little IA trip is behind us I'm hoping to get back to regular posts and more projects.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sources of Inspiration

Unfortunately Handsome Hubby and I have been sick the past couple of days. Started with a scratchy throat on Friday and went downhill from there. Nothing like having the flu in the dog days of summer. I think I've left the house a total of two times over the past 3 days which leaves me with not much to say and in desperate need of some inspiration.

One source of inspiration that I can always count on is my HGTV. I love HGTV and could watch it for hours. Thanks to my dvr I don't. :) I have lots of favorite shows but my very favorite of all is Divine Design. Candice Olson rocks! (If you've seen her show you know why!) I love her design ideas so much that I even ran out and bought her book when it launched. She has a way of making everything sparkle and I think I'd let her have free reign on any room in my house.
I, along with many of you it seems, enjoy seeing other people's homes and how they decorate. It's a fun way to get ideas and I think a person's home says a lot about them.
Well, awhile back the super fab Christy at Bon Bon Boutique blogged about 'Rate My Space' on HGTV's website. Rate My Space is the ultimate sneak peak into other people's homes. How fun!
I'm thinking I might have to start snapping more pictures around my home and post them on Rate My Space. I'd love to get other people's opinions. (I think.) :)

Here are a few beautifully decorated rooms that I found but these are really just the tip of the iceberg.

How beautiful are these walls? And the subtle colors used....

Love the 6' beadboard used in this bathroom as well as the rich color used above it.

Just my kind of colors. Love the under cabinet lighting, something I'm looking at for my kitchen. Could do w/out the rooster but I think this room is great.

Since I'm a magazine fanatic over the years I have collected tons of clippings from magazines for what I call my 'dream maker' box. I love going through my box now and again to get ideas. Some of my favorite magazines for inspiration are; Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens and Country Living.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fun Finds

Happy Happy Friday! We love Friday's around here but who doesn't right?!

This weekend is fairly full. Tonight we're going over to visit some friends. Tomorrow dental appointments then my Dad, Stepmom and Grandmother are all coming down for an overnight visit. I'm looking forward to it all. Yes, even the dentist appointment. I LOVE going to the dentist! I'm slightly teeth obsessed (white teeth matter!) so going to the dentist is a pleasure for me. (Keep in mind this is coming from a girl who's never had to suffer through major dental work. i.e a root canal, sorry hubs!)

My fun finds/wish list runs the gamut today...

I am convinced that with this little kit I could build any of the projects on my 'to do' list. I've already advised Handsome Hubs of this and in fact asked him to start teaching me how to use more tools. If I felt more confident in my building skills I'm quite certain that I could whip up the dollhouse bookcase, home office desk, and the little tike wooden picnic table projects all by myself. All these projects have been sitting on the back burner while handsome hubby works on the hardwoods and it'd feel great to do them myself.

Everyone needs a fairy door. I've enjoyed reading the Red Shoes blog and would love to visit her store in person someday. Until then I've enjoyed perusing through her little online store and recently came across this, a fairy door! Yes, you heard me right! How cute would this be in a little girls room? I'm quite positive my little Laney Lou needs one. They come in a couple of different colors. Fun, fun! She really has some neat things and I love the pictures from her store. Makes me wish Ann Arbor, MI wasn't so far away. Apparently the little fairy doors are a phenomenon as they've been 'subtly incorporated into cafes, retails stores...' in the area. Honestly, I just think that's so cute.

And something fun for Big Brothers room...original artwork from Etsy. Love the colors and the fact that it's a way for him to learn the planets. Cool!

Last but not least, another Etsy find...because we all know most things look best monogrammed. ;)
This little 'cafe latte' brown night light would look great in my hall upstairs.

Hope to be updating with a project I made soon!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Well snap my bowtie and call me whiplashed!

I know, quite shocking isn't? Me? Posting again so soon? I'm on a role folks.....

This weekend has been pleasant so far. Went up to the 'Northland' as we like to call it around here to visit a friend this morning. She recently moved into a new home and it's beautiful. I took the kids while Handsome Hubby worked on the hardwood floor. Oh yes, the hardwood floor project continues. Getting the last coat to go on smoothly has been nothing short of a nightmare. Anyway, I made him take this picture of me with the kids as up until now I've not had one with them. (I'm always on the other side of the lens it seems.)

I finished up the front entryway project the other night. Well, as with any project in my home, it's never really finished. I would like to add a few smaller black flower pots next to the urns and fill them with some colorful flowers to make the area pop. I'm also on the hunt for a wreath but
I've not found anything I just love yet.
We added the wrought iron piece above the door and I think I like it. I'm just not 100% positive yet. We live in the 'burbs, hence the 'Suburban Momma' and many of the houses look similar, I'll admit it. In fact, we get static sometimes from our non-suburban friends about how we live in cupcake land, all the houses look alike. Adding the black iron piece is kind of my little way of making my home more distinctive. :)
What do you think, should it stay or should it go?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Me = Bad Blogger

Seriously, where is the time going?

I've had to drive up to the office this week for a team meeting and I've had work related functions the last couple evenings. Happy to say tomorrow is the last day for the meeting so things can get back to normal around here. It is nice to see my work friends since we're all virtual we don't get together but a couple times a year. The team is spread throughout the US so it's a big production to get us all together.

With time to kill between meetings a friend and I went to a new(ish) outdoor shopping area near the office. They have a GREAT little children's store there called Marshmallow Kisses. I've shopped their store online but getting to go and see everything in person was a real treat. They have such adorable and I do mean ADORABLE stuff. If you're in or around the KC area you should check the store out at the Zona Rosa. I found several things I'm quite certain my kids can't live without :) as well as several great project ideas. One of which I hope to make this weekend and will have to post about if it turns out like I think it will.


We've needed a new clock for our living room for quite awhile now. I wasn't sure what I wanted but during one of my weekly trips to Target I found this one on sale and just loved it.

I'm a big fan of using larger, more over sized objects to make statements rather then a bunch of tiny little pieces. I've found that sometimes the smaller pieces can looked cluttered if they're not grouped together properly. The shells on the top shelf are from Jamaica and are just seasonal. I'm constantly changing out my displays and I can say that this isn't one of my most favorite looks. Unfortunately I've not had time to get too creative over the past couple months. (Imagine that!)


I'm still working on my front entry projects. I painted the door black to match the urns but I need to do a few more things before I can call it done. Here's a little peek at one of the urns I talked about recently. Probably not new to you gardeners out there but my new favorite potting plant is the bright green sweet potato vine. As you can see from the picture it is such a vivid green and it's great for draping over pots. LOVE IT! I took this picture probably about a week ago and it's amazing how much the plants have grown since then.

I'm hoping to get the front entry project pretty much finished this weekend so maybe I can get some more pictures posted then.


And since I haven't posted any pictures of Big Brother lately here's one of him enjoying some some pool time last weekend.

Yes, mothers lock up your daughters this one's going to be trouble! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Potpourri Post

Forewarning: this is a bit of random post...

So I'm not sure what my deal is but lately I've been tearing up at the silliest things. I don't really think it's postpartum depression because I don't feel depressed when I get teary. (If that makes any sense.) I've just noticed that I get teary more easily and just as quickly as I tear up it passes.

For example, while reading this book the other night to Aidan I got teary. Seriously, I teared up over this book. Although this may be a touching story with a good moral, I don't think most would be moved to tears after reading it. I must say though that boy is so selfish. Poor tree!

Here's another example, every time I listen to the song 'Goodbye My Lover' by James Blunt I get teary. I have this downloaded and have heard it a million times before so why do I still tear up? In fact, although handsome hubs is not a James Blunt fan I all but forced him to listen to, then download this song onto his ipod. Curtly informing him he needed to be more sensitive. LOL
OK, to my defense though I have heard that this song is played at funerals more then any other song at the moment. Who knew?

Completely switching gears, I did not get much in the way of projects done over the weekend. I did manage to get the black urns placed at my front door. I'm really pleased with the plant selection I used and how they've turned out. Tonight I hope to get a start on re-painting the front door. I'll try to get some pictures taken once I've got the door painted so you can take a look. I really think it's going to look sharp.

For good measure I'm throwing in this funny picture of Delaney. I was busy snapping pictures the other day, so tickled to have her hair adorned in some girly way being as none of her bows will work (due to lack of hair) when I took this one. So adorable until you look down to discover her sending the most unladylike gesture.

Nice. What can I say? That's my girl!

More later!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

I have decidedly resorted to desperate measures. But really, is it so weird that I've taped a picture of Jessica Simpson to my desk? After reading through the ever informative Us Weekly magazine I decided to pull a page from it to serve as inspiration. The picture is of the newly trim again Jessica Simpson (as if she was ever big). I have taped my inspiration up near my computer monitor so that I may be constantly reminded of my goal; LOSE THIS BABY WEIGHT! My hope is that having the slim, trim Jessica Simpson staring me down all day will make me less apt to bring snacks up from the kitchen.

I am headed in the right direction on the scale. I have been losing but not nearly as quickly as I'd like. My goal is to lose 15-20lbs over the next couple months. Secretly I'd love to lose 25-30 but I'm trying to maintain realistic goals so that it's not too overwhelming. I wish I could get back into running again. There was a time that I was running about 20 miles a week but that just seems way way way to ambitious. I'd be happy to be going for regular walks at the moment.

Last week over a lunch hour I made a quick trip to Steve & Barrys. Since I'm in transition with my weight I don't want to spend a lot on clothes but I do need a few wardrobe pick-me-ups to get me through the next month or two. If you have a Steve & Barrys nearby and are looking to pick up a few inexpensive pieces I suggest you check out Sarah Jessica Parkers 'Bitten' line. It's very inexpensive and I was able to find some stylish tops. I also found some flip-flops that are very similar to JCrew's but sooo cheap. They are having a sale right now 2 for $6! Word of advice though, they seem to run big, I bought 8's and should have gone with the 7's.
Here's a not so great picture of them.

This weekend we're going to spend some time out in the sun and handsome hubs and I are going out for a date night. Just dinner and a movie, just the two of us. We desperately need some adult time so I'm really looking forward to it. If I'm feeling inspired I think I might re-paint our front door and switch out the pots on either side of the door. I purchased two urns a few weeks back that would look nice. Just need to pick up some flowers from the nursery. Gosh though, it's been so hot here I'm wondering if there's anything left alive to choose from!

iPod download recommendations for the week: Hey Delialah, by the Plain White T's, The Boys of Summer (acoustic version) by The Eagles-Don Henley, and for more laid back fun in the sun don't forget Bob Marley's 'Stir it up' (nearly anything of his fits well)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back at it....

I've missed you my blog friends! It has been far too long since I've posted but over the past week or two I have been trying to jump in and read your blogs. Everyone seems to be keeping quite busy with summer activities!
I started back to work on Monday after only 6 weeks off. I know I should feel fortunate to have even had that much time off but I'll admit it's a bit difficult. Legally I could have taken a full 12 wks but unfortunately it would have been 6 wks unpaid and with the addition of my dearest Delaney we really could not swing it right now. It's going to be an adjustment getting used to paying for 2 kids in daycare.

Oh my darlin' Delaney

Delaney (aka Baby Sissy, Laney and Laneybug) was 6 wks old Monday which is hard to believe. She has started smiling at us and cooing which has been so fun. She'll have her 2 mo check up in a couple weeks and I'm anxious to see how much she weighs now.
Big Brother Aidan is adjusting well to having Baby Sissy in the house and likes to give her pecks on the cheek.

Project Updates
My home office project has been at a bit of a standstill as adding the hardwood floor into the dining room, then finishing it as well as re-finishing the existing has been a huge undertaking.

Here is a 'before' shot of the dining room. This was after Handsome Hubby laid the new hardwood down but before it was finished. As you can see the room is not very large so when it was carpeted it really seemed to cut the room off since it was surrounded by hardwood in the entryway and kitchen. (Not sure what that little bubble in the upper right hand corner is but it's something goofy with my camera.)

Here it is nearly finished. If you look closely you'll see that we still have to re-add the quarter round trim to the baseboard and then touch up the molding with a fresh coat of semi-gloss white paint.

The table is an antique my mother bought for me. It was originally a walnut color which I generally like but I decided to paint it black. Since I just brought the table back with me on my little jaunt up to Iowa last week, I've not yet had time to find chairs for it.
Here's what I have in mind...

This is one of my faves. I like the texture, and the mix of black and browns. I've tried to intermix blacks and browns throughout my house and these have received great reviews. They're from Target and are only $79.99 a piece.

This chair is at and is also a steal. I like the distressed black and think it too would compliment the table.

I like this one as well however I'm a bit concerned it'd be too much black.

I'd love to get your input on which you think would look best!

In my next post I'll have to share pictures of our living room. We had new carpet installed and I think it's looking quite nice if I do say so myself. :) 'Til then happy hump day!!

***Update: Just noticed Head Hen from Runnin' the Roost asked in a comment earlier what I do for living that allows me to work from home. I'm a Project Manager and fortunately due to the nature of my postion I am able to work full time from my home office. I wake up everyday feeling so fortunate for my job and being able to work from home.***

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm still alive!

Hello all! So sorry for the lack of updates. The past 2 weeks have been crazy around here. Lot's of projects plus a trip up to Iowa to see family has taken my attention temporarily away from my blog. I go back to work this Monday (boo hiss!) so I will be back on my computer more often and will start posting again.

I'll have a lot of pictures to share with you all! Until then take care!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Home Office Projects

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I've been working on a few home office projects and was finally able to take a couple pictures yesterday.

This is the clipboard project that I talked about doing awhile back. I've got two more that I need to hang somewhere but I love how these turned out. I purposefully used contrasting patterns for a bright pop but tied them all together using the same ribbon across the top and bottom. I plan to clip notes and/or pictures to them. (For instructions on how to make these clipboards please see my post from April 30th.)

This is the bulletin board that I orginally posted 'how to' instructions and pictures of on March 13th. I had since decided I wanted some brighter and when I stumbled upon this fun green print at Walmart of all places I knew that's what I wanted. I love apple green color accented with black and I added the polka dot ribbon to trim it out.

I've worked on a few other little projects for the office as well that I'll have to share later. I'm anxious to add my new desk but I hate to even mention it to Handsome Hubby since he's in the middle of the big hardwood floor project. I'll take some pictures of that project to share with you too. He has finished laying down the hardwood in the dining room, next step is to rent a big sander to sand it and the rest of the hardwood. Final step will be staining. Still trying to decide how to maneuver that with the kids.

Nothing too exciting planned again this weekend. It's gorgeous out so we'll probably be outside alot. Likely we'll have a few beers and visit with the neighbors tonight. Tomorrow night we're planning to go over to some friends house for a BBQ. Other then that, not much else officially planned. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

So sorry for the lack of posts as of late! It's been a whirlwind here made especially so by the fact that Big Brother has been home with me this week. His daycare provider is down in Mexico on vacation likely basking in the sun as I type. How envious I am!

I can't believe it but Baby Sissy is already over 3 weeks old now! She's growing like a weed and is more and more alert each day. The sad thing is that means I'm already halfway through my maternity leave. I'm only taking 6 weeks and have to return to the ol' grind on June 25th.
Last week a received the most adorable monogrammed burp cloth made by none other then the lovely Workin' that Preppy. If you've not checked out her blog you must! She owns a monogramming business and is currently in the process of setting up a shop on Etsy. I can't wait for her to get it up and running and I will be sure to let you all know when she does. Not only is she super talented but she is kind and thoughtful. What a pleasant surprise to receive this gift from her! Stay tuned for an update when her shop opens and in the meanwhile check out her blog to see some of the fabulous items she makes!

Good news on the camera front! I unexpectedly had a visit from the much loved FedEx man a few days ago. Canon fixed my camera and returned it to me in just over a week and at no cost! I can't even believe it! I'm wondering if perhaps instead of doing a recall on the camera due to all the issues with the LCD screens if they are just repairing them at no cost if they receive them into the service center.
I'm so happy to have it back and am ready to start snapping pictures!

My home office continues to slowly evolve. I've got a couple projects in the works and will post about them soon. Found this picture at Ballard Designs that would look just perfect in my office! Don't you just love the colors?!

Project pictures to come soon!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fun Finds Friday

So I picked up the 'Style Watch' edition of People magazine on my way out of Target last night and I've found several fun, pretty inexpensive finds that I've earmarked.

For my home office this would be perfect. Fashionation - Alarm clock/radio/iPod dock
I've sent them an email as I don't see how/where I can purchase it on their website but People magazine says it's $39.99.
If someone else is brighter then me (good chance of that) and sees where on the site you can actually buy it I'd love to hear from you smarty pants!

An inexpensive white 'go with anything' bag from Shop Suey Boutique. It's a great white bag to carry through summer but at only $32 it's inexpensive enough that if it starts to look dinghy you won't be heartbroken. The magazine features a few colors that are not on the website. I liked the yellow one until I saw the shade it was online, a bit to bright a yellow.

Oh, and if I could I would.....this sassy number can be found here at JCrew for $50. I like this one or even the black one but at the moment this would not be so cute on my post pregnancy bod. Maybe, just maybe, if I pray really, really hard I can sport this by the end of summer. :)

OK, so I didn't find this little guy in between the pages of People magazine but I did find it at Target recently and it's been put to good use. The Boon Frog Pod ($24.99) is a drainable bath scoop and toy/organizer and attach's to your shower. It currently resides in Big Brother's bathroom and is loaded with bath toys.

Speaking of fun summer finds, do any of you out there have a fun summer find or summer 'must have' item? I'd love to hear what it is!

I downloaded a bunch of new songs onto my iPod late into the evening the other night. I'm telling you, it's like reading a good book before bed. Once I start I can't stop! I just keep finding songs that I had forgotten about that I have to add. Anyway, have you heard Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab'? OMG, I cannot get that song out of my head! No matter how many other songs I listen too I always find myself singing it over and over again. Somebody help me! :)

We don't have any big plans this weekend which is kind of nice. Handsome Hubs does plan to work on the hardwood floor in our dining room tomorrow morning so I think the kids and I will head across the cul-de-sac to Savvy Momma's house to hang out for a bit. (I don't feel like being quarantined to our master bedroom again.) :)

Still no word from Canon on my camera....Grrrr.....

Have a great weekend all!