Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Big Bubba eludes us and other randomness.

What a pleasant surprise! The lovely 'HeadHen' at Runnin' the Roost awarded me the 'Nice Matters' award. How very sweet to even be considered for such an award. Thank you!!

As I understand it, I in turn nominate 7 fellow bloggers to receive the prestigious award. :) Sorry, if you've already been nominated. Guess that just means you're super duper nice!

1. CJ Savvy Momma

2. Bon Bon Boutique

3. Seeker FunkyJunkCo

4. Happy Homemaker

5. Perfectly Pink

6. A Passion for Scrapbooking, Decorating and Shopping

7. Preppy Napkin

Ok, so I'm adding an 8th because she is beyond nice. :)

8. Workin' That Preppy

Busy, busy, busy....

- Went for our second annual family trip to the Iowa State Fair. Apparently a friend of my Dad's had an award winning pig, Bubba, that was to be there. Aidan was terribly excited to meet Bubba. Unfortunately we looked all over that darn swine barn and could not find the elusive pig. Knowing Aidan would not let us leave until we spotted him we eventually found a random, non-exceptional pig, and dubbed him Bubba. We stopped for a quick visit with 'Bubba' and took lots of pictures. Aidan was happy and we were finally able to leave the stinky swine barn. :) Although I love a good tradition and the IA State Fair is one of the best of its kind, we have decided that perhaps going annually may be a bit much.

- Aidan starts preschool on August 20th. He has a school supply shopping list! How fun!

- We're planning for Aidan's big 3yr b-day. Keeping it pretty low-key this year. Rented a little shelter at a nearby park. The theme is dinosaurs because he is obsessed with them at the moment. In the process of trying to come up with a few dinosaur themed games.

- My in-law's are moving to our suburb today and my brother-in-law is flying in from Ft Meyers to help with the move. They lived about an an hour and 15 mins away before, now they will be 7 minutes away. This should be interesting. :)

- Almost done with the hardwood floor project. Next projects I'd like to focus on; repainting the living/kitchen/half bath, replacing the half bath fixtures, make home office desk. Bought several little test cans and am thinking we like Bamboo from the Eddie Bauer Home paint. Seems to be a warm brown/beigey color. I don't suppose by chance any of you have used this color?

It has almost been to hot to even work on projects. If it requires any work in the garage to get it done it's just not worth it at the moment. However, it does look like we might finally be getting a break from the high 90's. Woo hoo!


Now that our little IA trip is behind us I'm hoping to get back to regular posts and more projects.


workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

thank you for the award thingy! i have been so blessed by so many nice friends too.

Splaneyo said...
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Splaneyo said...

Congratulations on the award and I am looking forward to seeing your projects.

Decorating Queen said...

Congrats on the award. Sounds like you guys had lots of fuN! Thank you for stopping by!!! It was good to read a post from you again. Nicole

jenmarie702 said...

My son went to a birthday party where the theme was dinosaur and they had a little kiddie pool filled with sand and "dinosaur bones." The bones were numbered and the kid who found number one got to pick first from the prize table and so on and so forth down to the last kid.
Hope that idea helps!!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for honoring me with the award! What a great start to my day today!

Christy said...

Thanks for the award!

I'm anxious to see the color you've picked out! I don't think I've ever used colors from Bauer but it sounds really pretty. Please show pics if you use it.

Happy Homemaker said...

Congrats to you and thank you! Preppy Napkin is my real life girlfriend and she and I joke about wanting to meet all these nice bloggers in real life! Maybe we'll have to look into the BlogHer conference??

The Doctor's Wife said...

If you're doing a dino party I have a great idea for you. Fill some kiddie pools with sand and throw some "dino" bones in there. You can buy the bones at Target. Then give the kids some trowels and let them dig away. They will be totally convinced that they've dug real dino bones.

Christy said...

I've been missing all of your cute projects..hope you come back soon!

Preppy Napkin said...

Thanks for the award!