Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fun Finds Friday

So I picked up the 'Style Watch' edition of People magazine on my way out of Target last night and I've found several fun, pretty inexpensive finds that I've earmarked.

For my home office this would be perfect. Fashionation - Alarm clock/radio/iPod dock
I've sent them an email as I don't see how/where I can purchase it on their website but People magazine says it's $39.99.
If someone else is brighter then me (good chance of that) and sees where on the site you can actually buy it I'd love to hear from you smarty pants!

An inexpensive white 'go with anything' bag from Shop Suey Boutique. It's a great white bag to carry through summer but at only $32 it's inexpensive enough that if it starts to look dinghy you won't be heartbroken. The magazine features a few colors that are not on the website. I liked the yellow one until I saw the shade it was online, a bit to bright a yellow.

Oh, and if I could I would.....this sassy number can be found here at JCrew for $50. I like this one or even the black one but at the moment this would not be so cute on my post pregnancy bod. Maybe, just maybe, if I pray really, really hard I can sport this by the end of summer. :)

OK, so I didn't find this little guy in between the pages of People magazine but I did find it at Target recently and it's been put to good use. The Boon Frog Pod ($24.99) is a drainable bath scoop and toy/organizer and attach's to your shower. It currently resides in Big Brother's bathroom and is loaded with bath toys.

Speaking of fun summer finds, do any of you out there have a fun summer find or summer 'must have' item? I'd love to hear what it is!

I downloaded a bunch of new songs onto my iPod late into the evening the other night. I'm telling you, it's like reading a good book before bed. Once I start I can't stop! I just keep finding songs that I had forgotten about that I have to add. Anyway, have you heard Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab'? OMG, I cannot get that song out of my head! No matter how many other songs I listen too I always find myself singing it over and over again. Somebody help me! :)

We don't have any big plans this weekend which is kind of nice. Handsome Hubs does plan to work on the hardwood floor in our dining room tomorrow morning so I think the kids and I will head across the cul-de-sac to Savvy Momma's house to hang out for a bit. (I don't feel like being quarantined to our master bedroom again.) :)

Still no word from Canon on my camera....Grrrr.....

Have a great weekend all!


ADN said...

so funny..i just added the rehab song onto my ipod and i had all my wino friends listening at the pool the other day...then today i heard it on the radio. her voice is so retro! i was just so proud that i had added a song before it hit the hip/so now haha

Kerry said...

I need song inspiration... I've been running to the same playlist for 2 weeks and I find myself tuning it out! What did you download?

Kris said...

Random question here : how is the frog holding up? I'm dying to get it, but read some reviews that the suction doesn't hold up. Thanks! :) Kris

Melissa said...

I so want one of those J Crew coverups - I just can't decide which color yet! I think pink or yellow. But I like black too, oh goodness!

Christy said...

Great finds! Love that bath toy..that is too cute!

I know..the Ipod thing is addicting, isn't it? When I first got mine I kept buying and loading. Now I just buy 1 or 2 here and there.

CJ said...

They had the ipod nano on Oprah's Favorite Summer things last week along with a water proof, floating speaker! I've been perusing the ebay auctions in hunt of my very own! A great find indeed!

Emily said...

Hi ladies!

To answer some of your questions....

1. I have a crazy eclectic mix on my iPod. Some songs that might be fun to job to and in no particular order; 311 - Beautiful Disaster, Abba-Dancing Queen, Beautiful Girl-Sean Kingston, Can I get a [What]-Jay Z, Cupids Chokehold-Gym Class Heroes, Hey Baby-Gwen Stefanie, Just can't get enough-Depeche Mode, Mo Money, Mo Problems-Notorious BIG, Mr Lonely-Akon, Ditty-Paperboy, Same As It Ever Was-Talking Heads, So Far Away-Dire Straits, Good Enough-Cyndi Lauper & Drove All Night-Cyndi Lauper, Wild Wild Life-Talking Heads, Talk Dirty to Me-Poison...
Seriously, I have music from Elvis to Akon and from Smokey Robinson to the Rolling Stones, a crazy mix but I love it!

2. The Frog pod came with very specific instructions on how to adhere it to the tub wall. I just followed the instructions and I've not had any problems with it staying there!

Thanks for the comments everyone!!