Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where to begin

Do you know the feeling? The feeling when so much is going on, so much has happened that you don't even know where to begin? That's how I'm feeling right now. Since bringing Delaney home we have been busy, busy, busy. No surprise to anyone of course but it seems that time is moving at a different pace right now. Honestly, I've wanted to post for a couple of days now but have been overwhelmed with where to even start.

My darn digital camera.

First things first. It's with impeccable timing that my beloved little Canon PowerShot has decided to break down. I went to take a picture the other day and when I turned the camera on the LCD screen was white. I then noticed that there appears to be a crack down the middle, inside the screen. Now I must say, 1 1/2 yrs ago when I was researching this camera I read several reviews complaining about broken LCD screens. Did I heed these warnings? Oh no, I chose to ignore those comments and focused on all the other positive reviews I read.
I went to Canon's website and received an estimate online as to what it will cost to repair. They estimate it will be approximately $107 to repair. As much I as don't want to have to drop $107 into camera repairs right now it is still much less then buying a new one AND I can't not have my digital camera. Soooo, I guess I'll be getting it together to send to them sometime today. Boo hiss! This means I can't share any pictures with you all until it's fixed. Darn Canon.

My darling Delaney

Delaney is doing wonderfully. It's amazing to me but Handsome Hubby and I already can tell that there is a difference in her demeanor when compared to my son at her age. Her cries are more feminine and she seems more delicate. Handsome Hubby says he feels like he is already treating her more gingerly. She's a sweetheart and does fairly well through the night. She is waking about every 3 hrs to eat which hasn't honestly been that bad. I was sleeping so miserably the last couple months of pregnancy that this doesn't feel out of the 'norm'. I can't wait to be able to post some more pictures of her.

Never ending Projects

This past week in between Delaney's naps I have been working on several projects.

1. Pint-Sized Adirondack chairs & side table - Remember the kid sized Adirondack chairs I purchased at Michael's last month? Well, I finally finished painting them yesterday. Scheww! That ended up being a pain in the rear. I should have spray painted them rather then hand painting. Very time consuming. Anyway, I ended up painting them white but now of course am wishing I would have gone with the fun red I had originally considered. I think I will add a fun red flower pot to the table and that will be the punch of color it needs.

2. Home Office Projects - If you recall from one of my much earlier posts I included instructions on how to customize a bulletin board and I included a picture of one I made? Well, I found some super fun apple green white outdoor fabric at Walmart of all places and I decided that was more the look I was after for my office. So, I repainted the frame of the bulletin board black, then added my new fabric. I just bought some ribbon to trim it out but it's almost done and it looks great! I cannot wait to show you pictures.
I also spray painted black a light fixture that we had replaced from another room to now use in my office. I think it will look nice and using it makes me feel awfully resourceful! :) Now I just need to get Handsome Hubby to hang it for me. During my black spray painting frenzy yesterday I also painted a floor lamp and iron wall plaque. I plan to use both in my office. Again, can't wait to be able to take pictures to show everyone.

I have a long, long list of other projects I've got in the pipeline but I'll have to save those for another day!

Sorry no pictures on this post! I know I personally enjoy posts with pictures most so I hope to have some soon!

***Update - I posted this and left it for awhile then came back and re-read and it was just WAY too long. So, I trimmed down my project list for the sake of everyone's time today and will post more later!**** :)


hqm said...

That post made me tired just reading it! All of that on top of a toddler and new born!

Thirty-One Trendy said...

Congrats on the new baby! Sounds like you're super busy. I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

hey! beautiful pic of you, hubby and delaney. i feel like we are both so close in our feelings. i'm hu-uge! i think little caroline may be 9 lbs too. we just moved and i'm just now getting to my computer and am so glad to see your post. i was wondering how you've been doing. i remember feeling the same way after having #2, mr. sterling. i was able to get around MUCH easier and just do stuff with a lot less worry and pain. anyway, i'll be back. we're still in the process of unpacking and re-arranging. little caroline has no nursery decorated as of yet. it's just an empty room with unopened boxes. poor baby. congratulations on your precious baby girl!

Kerry said...

You are so crafty! I am so impressed you have a brand new baby and you are still able to be crafty!

J's Crew said...

I just found your blog and love it. Congrats to you on the birth of your daughter. I ADORE the name Delaney that was my "girl" name too, but alas I had a boy. Also my powershot has a crack TOO!!!! But it still works, but I did get a new Nikon for Mother's Day, yah! Congrats to you again.

Seeker said...

Wow~ you sound awfully industrious for being not even two weeks postpartum!! I'm just now getting up to speed and Isabelle is 3 months old, heh!

Waking every three hours is really good for a two week old; and I know what you mean about it not being out of the norm, LOL!

Christy said...

Glad to hear Delaney is doing good. There's just something delicate about little girls. I've noticed that huge difference in my niece compared to my nephew.

I can't believe your already back to doing projects. You go! I'm hoping to tackle some more projects next week. I'll post when I do.