Monday, May 7, 2007

Let the countdown begin. Oh, and bring on the hair bows!

Well, it's official. At my appointment last week they confirmed I'll be induced on Monday, May 14th if Delaney doesn't make an appearance sooner. This is great news but I will be surprised if I actually make it through this week! Being a huge list maker I can tell you that I already have about 5 lists in the works. One list for all the work items I need to wrap up, another for personal 'to-do' items, a list of items to pack for the hospital, the 'people to call' list, etc, etc....

This past weekend Handsome Hubby left to go camping with a group of buddies. They went about 3 hrs south of here for their little trip and let me just tell you, I was nervous. I was nervous because 1. I think I could have this baby any day, 2. He was 3 hrs away and 3. I have barely enough energy these days to go up the stairs let alone chase my 2 1/2 yr old all weekend. However in the end all went well. The camping trip went great and Handsome Hubby had a good time. Big Brother and I spent the weekend together bonding and it turned out to really be a little blessing because I don't know much one on one time we'll have again together once the Baby Sissy arrives.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm pregnant or what but my thoughts are so scattered these days. Here's another list. This one is of some of the random thoughts concerning me at the moment.

1. Will I actually make it through this week without the sudden and very much expected appearance of stretch marks on my belly?

2. How is it even possible that I don't have any stretch marks on this ever growing massive belly?

3. Is it normal to be obsessed with hair bows already? I mean, I've not even had my baby girl
yet however I have a LONG list on my Etsy favorites of bows that I'm adoring. Who knows, she might not even have hair but by golly will she have bows!

4. How I cannot wait to change out my profile picture on my blog. I took the picture about 2 months ago myself, holding the camera with one hand away from my face. It's not a flattering picture and the more I see it the more I dislike it. But, I do not want to take a picture at 9 months pregnant so I must wait.

5. What am I forgetting to do? I know there's something missing from my various 'to do' lists and I will probably agonize over it until I have no choice but to accept that whatever it is will have to somehow work itself out, whether or not I remember it.

6. Why am I so concerned about getting my home office in order right now. Right now of all times, just a week before I'm to have a baby? Is it really the nesting instinct I've heard people mention or am I just crazy?

7. I think I am just crazy.

OK, since I don't think I can bear to publish a post without some type of picture involved here are a few adorable hair bows I'm loving. If any of you have some great sites or places that you know of that sell 'must have' hair bows I'd love to hear from you!

Some that I already love.
DaintyDivasBoutique - is this not just the cutest thing ever?! This is a great seller on Etsy and I'm submitting an order today. I just have to.

Gracefuldesigns - perfect for my preppy little pink and green girl.

LittleMissPrissandCo - super fun little hot pink bow

Happy Monday!


hqm said...

Nesting, definately nesting! Enjoy the alone time with your son! Sometimes I feel my older girls were cheated out of that one on one with me because I had the three of them so close!
And the most important...Three kids NO stretch marks! I think you are in the clear!

Christy said...

How exciting..the baby is almost here and boy will she LOVE her room!

Kerry said...

How exciting - you are going to have your baby girl in less than a week! I got butterflies reading your post!

Celina said...

Cute bows!

I'm so excited for you guys!

Amber said...

Good luck and love the name Delaney! That headband is so cute with all the flowers. Good choice.

SLC said...

Congratulations on your new baby girl! Buying girly stuff is SO fun! I did a post yesterday on a local (to VA) hair accessory company for little girls that just recently launched their website. You may want to check it out. They are currently offering a 10% "Friends and Family" discount code. They have some really adorable (not cheesy) things.