Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yet another reason to lose it.

Hello all! Hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend. Some of my family came down to visit for the weekend. We had a nice time and it was so fun to see how much Big Brother enjoyed their visit too. It was also wonderful to have them meet Baby Sissy for the first time.
At the moment the kids and I have been quarantined to my master bedroom. Handsome Hubby is downstairs working a bit on the hardwood floor project. He pulled out the carpet that was originally in the dining room and is in the beginning stages of laying down hardwood flooring. When we had the house built we had all of the downstairs except the living and dining room laid with hardwood. I love the hardwood and hated having it in the dining room however it was going to be A LOT more to have it done at the time it was built so we just decided to wait. I simply cannot wait to get my camera back to start taking and posting pictures!

No word yet on the camera but it should have arrived at Canon's repair center sometime today. Hopefully I'll hear from them soon and hopefully it won't cost as much as I fear it will. Fingers crossed!
I went for another walk today with my friend Savvy Momma. I think we both would like to start going for our walks more regularly it's just been a challenge coordinating the kids' schedule to do so. I always feel so much better after I get out and get the fresh air.
I've got my eye on some adorable belts from the uber cool Preppy Potato which has inspired me to continue to try and eat less and walk more. :) Check them out!

Fleur de lis Collection - Presleigh Buckle w/ light green Fleur de lis icon

Bar Harbor Collection - Sarah Buckle w/ light green lobster icon w/green suede

Plain Jane Collection - Hampton Buckle w/ pink suede

On tonight's agenda; clean off office desk, charge ipod and download new songs, cuddle time with the kids. Ok, so the last one really isn't on my 'to do' list, it's an automatic! :)

Tomorrow's agenda; take Baby Sissy to get newborn screen, continue home office organizing, get hair highlighted. The stylist is coming to my house and Savvy Momma and I are going to both get our hair done. I'll have to give you the scoop on how I came about this little arrangement later. I've not had her do my hair before so I'm crossing my fingers on this too!

Talk to you soon!


Ashley said...

hey! i'm so impressed with you being all out and about this soon after baby! wow!!!! i hope i can do the same, but i'm a big weinie. good luck on the 'do. blessings!

hqm said...

You guys never seem to stop! The belts are great incentive to get moving, they are so cute!

Christy said...

I love all of those belts! Great inspiration for walking, huh?

CJ said...

With this post prego belly, I think it'll be a long time before I'll be purchasing a belt! Unless I purchase one and hang it on my closet door as goal reminder! Hmmm... Dear Lord, if I can get back my flat stomach I will never take it for granted again!