Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ballard Designs Fun Finds

5 days and counting down....I cannot believe how fast this week is going. My last week as the mother of 1. My last week of sanity. :) Monday seems to be just around the corner and if I find out tomorrow at my final drs appt that she is not showing signs of being on her way then I'll be going to the hospital on Sunday night instead of Monday morning. Ahh!

Super fun blogger Christy over at BonBon Boutique just posted about some neat totes available at Ballard Designs. Ballard Designs! How could I have forgotten about you?! Seeing one tote in particular that caught my eye, I, like any obsessive shopper scurried over to Ballard Designs to check out it out. I love Ballard Designs but had nearly forgotten about them as of late. Thanks for the reminder Christy! Of course, while scouting out the cute tote I managed to find several other neat items which has further renewed my love for them.

Sash Tote - Here's the tote Christy posted about that I think is really fun AND great priced. It's only $25 and you can have it monogrammed at no extra cost!! Hot dog! You can bet some of my friends with upcoming birthday's will be receiving one of these little numbers.

Cane & Damask Clipboards - Now if you've read one of my recent posts you'll see that I made my own clipboard similar in concept to this, however, if you aren't feeling particularly crafty buying one of these on sale for 19.99 certainly isn't a bad deal!

Hanging Label Holders - In the spirit of my latest project, my home office reorg, how about these fun and functional label holders. Set of 12 for 15.00, not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Cane Personalized Paperweight - What office would be complete without a punchy monogrammed paperweight? For 35.00 this would make a great gift for someone and the best part it comes in pink and green too!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Morgan said...

Emily~ what great finds! I particularly like the paper weight.

Good luck, although you don't really need it; childbirth is so much "easier" (for lack of a better word) the second time around!

Can't wait to see pics of sweet baby Delaney!!

Momma2girls said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! LOVE visitors!!!!! & good luck on the new baby!!!

Celina said...

I love the Sash Tote in chocolate! I have to say I'm one of the many addicted to the brown craze right now! And for $25... this very well could be a justifiable purchase!

Christy said...

Emily..I know don't you just love that store! It's one of my favs! Did you know they have an outlet store in Ohio? I've been once and it's's a big store with lots of great stuff!

Kerry said...

I do love Ballard Designs!