Tuesday, May 8, 2007

lulu belle custom handbags

Congratulations Heather!
One of my favorite bloggers, Life with Lulu, is celebrating the third anniversary of her custom handbag business, lulu belle custom handbags! If you've not had the opportunity to read her blog or visit her handbag website you simply must! She has some of the most adorable handbags and GREAT fabric options to choose from. Heather is a stay at home mom that started this business on her own and it has grown through word of mouth. What an inspiration!

Here's an example of one of her handbags!

She also does belts! How fun!


hqm said...

Emily, Thanks you so much! You are very sweet!

Ashley said...

hey girlie! saw you stopped by my blog. i LOVE yers!!! i love your daughter's (delaney's?) nursery too. only, what?...five more days? oh, i wish i were there. i'm ginormous. i love all your little shopping tips and treats and all your room pics too. i'll come back and visit. question...what are you doing differently to prepare for #2 than you did for the first one? just curious, i think i forgot with this #3. : ) blessings for a great week!

Emily said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours for quite awhile now!

You know, you pose an interesting question....I don't know that I'm doing much different to prepare for #2, except the fact that I'm having a girl this time so I'm starting anew w/ the room and clothes and such...I don't know though, I'm mostly scared about how I'm going to manage two. But I guess you just figure your way through as you go right? :)

Karl said...

very cool products - Mary Lee just started a site called Bymarylee.com where she makes unique handbags and purses from upcycled or recycled material.

Check it out see what you think of her designs