Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, Monday

It has been a long evening and so I must first start by complaining. Feel free to skip over this if you have no desire to hear about my child and our bedtime war stories. I completely understand. Ugh. It's now after 10pm and we're still struggling to get Aidan to sleep. He was to go to bed over 1 1/2 hrs ago and he is still fighting it. As a result Handsome Hubby and I are at odds again on how this should be handled. I firmly believe that Aidan needs to learn that if we say there will be one story then there will be one story. Period. End of story. Saying one thing then doing another after he throws a fit isn't doing anyone any good. It's showing him that by fussing he will get his way. Handsome Hubby tends to give in when pushed by Aidan. I'll admit that I've given in on occasion as well but overall I understand that if we consistently follow through with what we say he will eventually get that and stop. Although I know Handsome Hubby understands this as well, he still tends to give in, which ultimately drags the bedtime routine out to 2 plus hrs. For example, tonight I spent 30 minutes in the hallway, taking Aidan back to his room every time he came out. The first time I told him that it was bedtime and that's final. The next 8 times I didn't say a word, I just picked him up while he was throwing his fit and crying and put him back in his bed. I'm spent. Honestly I am. My body is sore, my nerves are worn and I'm beyond frustrated but by golly I am standing my ground. Hubby finally comes upstairs, comes into the room and says that he'll take care of it. I was so upset because I know what that means. It means he will lay down and tell him another story, unraveling everything I just spend the last 30 minutes trying to do. Sure enough I can hear him in there telling another story even as I write.
Honestly, how do people do it? Everything I've read says that although the first week or so may be miserable you just need to be consistent and keep putting them back in their room. What is a person to do if their spouse doesn't follow this same consistency? Somethings gotta give.


Ratatouille Review: Did you check out Ratatouille on DVD over the weekend? We enjoyed our little movie night last Tuesday and although I liked the movie, I didn't LOVE it. It was cute and I'm glad we have it on hand to watch again but it wasn't my nor was it Aidan's favorite. I would definitely recommend renting or buying it for the kids to watch but it probably won't end up on your top 5 list. Tomorrow is the release of Shrek the 3rd. I've heard mixed reviews. We'll probably end up getting it just to complete the set. Have any of you seen it yet and if so, did you like it?


Day of Beauty: So last Friday a friend and I took the day off to do some shopping, have a leisurely lunch and get massages. I hadn't taken a day off in awhile and I was needing it desperately. I called it our 'day of beauty' because we were focused on looking for some of the beauty products we'd been hearing such great reviews on but had not yet tried, plus we were getting massages. Anyway, it was a fun day, my friend ended up getting half her Christmas shopping done (which wasn't really part of the 'day of beauty' plan but it was shopping nonetheless). I myself am not ready for full on Christmas shopping. As you know, I like to make lists and I prefer to have pre-planned lists before I head out. Seeing her get so much done already inspired me to finalize my gift-giving lists this week. I've pretty much figured out what I'm getting everyone this year and I've even started on my own wish list. ;) How are you all doing on your Christmas shopping, have you started yet?


Preppy Mama said...

Hi. I am totally feeling for you on the bedtime thing. My son is 2 and he has not slept through the night since he was 10months old. Bedtime is a nightmare. My doctor makes me feel so bad. She told me to gate his door so he can't come out. I just can't do it. I bring him back everytime he gets out and I don' talk to him...but my hubby does the same thing!! It makes me so mad because it totally undoes all that you've worked on. I am completely frustrated too. My husband and I have gotten into heated arguments over this. Send along any advice. Good Luck.

Amy said...

I found you through Megan... I totally agree with you on the bedtime thing. Your method sounds just like Supernanny! It's so hard when you and the hubby aren't on the same page. I've so been there. Hang in there. I think you're doing the right thing. It is exhausting, though.

We took our daughter to see Shrek 3 in the theater. Her first "real" movie. It was cute, but we didn't like it as well as the other two. It's hard not to smile at baby ogres, though!

Southern Fried Girl said...

I fear my hubs will do the same thing when we have kids - allow the boundaries to be stretched too much.

I am about 1/3 of the way done Xmas shopping. Thankfully. God bless the internet.

Tonia Sanders said...

I love your blog. Good idea on your day of beauty! Don't we all just NEED them. My girlfriends and I have a date scheduled for Sat, Dec 1. I'm going to try out that Bare Essentuals makeup, and we're going shopping for the most fabulous Christmas party dresses!

How's that for a great start to Christmas shopping?

Love Notes: Paisley-Plans-Promises said...

Hang in there Suburban Momma...this too will pass!!!!!

ETA: I totally love your blog. Infact, your blog was the first one I ever read and it has inspired me to create my own. Your bloglife is inspirational so keep up the excellent work!

Jodee Leader said...

I think you are definitely doing the right thing. Hang in there! It will get better!

Happy Homemaker said...

How funny, we watched both of those movies over the holiday and I thought they were okay but neither would make my list of favorites.

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Hi found you today and I am touched by you. I remember those days of littles so well. My are older, 24 and 20 but they still keep us up at night sometimes. Ha!
Not what you want to hear, but it because we love them so much and they are our whole lives. Email me if you want.