Friday, February 13, 2009

Cora Paige

I like so many others have been extremely touched by little Cora Paige. Cora went to be with Jesus on after a short battle with cancer. I've cried and cried for her and her family. For some reason feel such a connection to this little girl and her family even though I don't know them personally. They are fellow Kansans and live just a few hours from me. Perhaps I should just drive down there and give them a big hug!

I wanted to post about Cora and their story not just because of how much I've been touched by this little girl but to spread the word. They are working to collect money to build The Cora Playground in her honor. You can learn more about Cora and her family here
A group of Etsy sellers have also banded together to create neat items that are for sale with proceeds going to the playground. I ordered an adorable little Cora Paige flower pin and there are so many other cute things as well. Just type in 'Cora Paige' to find the items for sale.
If you're able please donate to this wonderful project in honor of this precious little girl who has touched so many please do.
Goodness, just looking at her little picture makes me want to hug her and cry. I must say, I've hugged my Aidan and Delaney a bit tighter and for a lot longer. My heart aches for Cora's family.

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