Monday, February 11, 2008

I want a new drug.

Tonight began innocently enough, a simple trip to the ATM and onto the grocery store. It wasn't time for my next fix, not even close but as I pulled away from the ATM a thought crossed my mind. Maybe I should do it. I'm so good at it, so quick. Nobody at home would be the wiser, a quick in and out if you will. So, against my better judgement I went. I went for my fix even though I had just gone 2 days earlier. Hello. My name is Suburban Momma and I'm a Target junkie.

Like any good Target junkie worth her grain in salt I know where to find the goods. The goods with the little red sticker. Oh how that little sticker can make my heart race, my step a little quicker as I push my rickety cart towards the object of my desire. I vie for cart space at the end of each aisle (where many of the items wearing that brazen little sticker can be found). You know you're amongst other hardened Target addicts when you see random milling around, hovering at the end of the back aisles. I like to think of them as an instant friend. Someone on the same mission as I. Someone with like minded goals.

Tonight was different though. I was stronger then usual, I put items in, let them ride around in my cart for a bit while I reasoned with myself. Eventually the majority ended back on their perspective shelves, right where they belonged. I'm proud to say that Suburban Momma pervailed and walked out with a few great items, several of which bore that little red sticker, but all rang in at under $20 total. That never happens. I don't know ladies but I'm feeling strong like I can conquer anything!

Suburban Momma 1; Target 0

(Psst, has anyone checked out the Old Navy 40% off kids and baby sale??) :)


Jake and Taryn said...

Oh, you sound just like me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target!! I go in there when I don't need anything and am not looking for anything in particular....and somehow I find a dozen things that I "need" now that I did't need before! :)

WSU Laura said...

I am impressed, out of there for under $20!!! Way to go that is next to impossible. I too am a Target Junkie (was just there last night). Maybe I need to get a part time job there to get it out of my system.

Southern Fried Girl said...

I made it out yesterday having spent only $43.09. Unreal for me.

I'd never make it out for less than 20. You are my hero.

The Mrs. said...

YOu are so funny! I looove target! said...

we used to live 4 minutes from target.
it was awesome.
now we live 29 minutes away...and it's so much better for the budget. :)
now when i go it's a treat.
and i take twice as long. i go through every isle.
i miss hunting for the deals like you get to do.
you know....maybe if i get out of my pj's right now i could go while my daughter is at school?!!
gotta run!

Leigh Ann said...

There is nothing like retail therapy and whoever thought about putting starbucks in them is a genius because that's my other fix!

Cheers! LA xo

Cathy said...

A kindred spirit....I too am a bit addicted to Target....I have some photos of a moment of weakness purchase I made there just this Valentine season....but, I will have them for the rest of my life, right? Was just there today where all things Valentine were 50% off!!! Got those cute cupcake toys for my dog...(made in China, they stink...really, so Fiona does not get them after all....but they are cute, so they are out on the back porch!) Got that heart bathroom rug, and the heart front door outside rug and then there was dishtowels and of course had to get that ultra neat mercury glass candle holder...all 50% off!

Happy Homemaker said...

Too funny! Good for you!

I have decided to go private for now so if you'd like an invitation, just email me!

Jessica said...

Found you throguh Bonbon Boutique... Your post reminded me the Huey Lewis and the News Song. Ha! : ) Cute blog~!