Sunday, February 24, 2008

It has been a full few weeks here. I was down in Orlando last week for business and came home with the flu. Handsome Hubby had been sick the day before I flew out and I prayed that neither of the kids would get sick while I was gone OR that I would get sick while I was there. Unfortunately the kids did get sick and so did I. We're just finally starting to come out of it. Since we've been stuck indoors we're a bit stir crazy so today we ventured out to the mall to the Rainforest Cafe and to do a little shopping.

Found a GREAT deal on boots at JCP that I must share! I bought 2 pairs of suede boots regularly 110.00 for 9.97 each! Can you believe it?! Apparently someone had just returned them and they were only on the shelf for about 15 mins before I swiped them back off.
This isn't a great picture but you get the idea. (The brown pair in front and a black pair behind.) Normally I'm a heeled boot kind of gal but these looked super cute on.

A few weeks back I took a sewing class at Joann's Fabric. It was a little Xmas gift from Handsome Hubby and it was the best gift really. Seriously, a couple years ago he brought me a nice Singer sewing machine for Xmas but whenever I tried to use it I'd end up jamming the thread and getting frustrated. Anyway, I just loved the class and I'm looking to take a few more of their classes. Here are some curtains for my dining room. I've had the fabric for a year or two and am in the process of adding some fun brown pom-pom fringe. I'm obviously not done yet but getting there. I saw some really fun fabrics in bright springy color patterns that I may end up making to swap these out for spring/summer but before I start planning that I suppose I should just get these finished up first.

Speaking of spring...I don't know about you but I'm SOOOO ready for spring. It was fun to see all the bright spring clothes while out at the mall today. I'm starting to pull out my apple green colors to go with my browns and blacks. I love the look of apple green with brown, black and white. Got these fun little faux granny apples at Hobby Lobby and have stuck them in little places around the house.

Thoughts of spring also inspired me to purchase a new scale today. I like to weigh myself daily and I've been doing so for the last several years on a very generic scale. I decided that if I plan to sport the fun looks this spring I'd better buckle down and finally lose that 10-15 lbs. I'm hoping this will help keep my in line. It's middle of the road price wise but has great reviews. I bought it at Walmart for about $40 and it's the 'HealthoMeter Body Fat & Body Water Fitness Tracking Scale'. It's kinda fun (well, as fun as a scale that measures my chubby factor can be) :) but you can store your height, age, gender, goal weight and a few other things and it will help track your progress and measure my favorite, BMI. LOL. Oh my. There are much more expensive, fancier versions out there but keep in mind I had a very old basic scale so these little features have me dazzled! :)

Anyway, I'll let you all know if the scale keeps me inspired to lose the weight. Cross your fingers~!

Oh, and before I forget! Handsome Hubby is starting a new job tomorrow with Garmin. We're beyond excited for this opportunity and truly thank the Lord for this blessing. Garmin is headquartered in our area, in fact it will be a very short commute, and they are a company full of opportunity. Funny though, I kinda feel like his mother though, nervous for his first day, asking him repeatedly if he's picked out his outfit and mapped out his morning yet. hehehehe

Bye for now!


The Nester said...

That pom pom fringe makes such a cute difference!

Really sweet!

Jodee Leader said...

We are soooo ready for spring too. I love the green apples!

You must be so excited about your bargain boots. I LOVE a good bargain!

My hubby started a new job apx. one year ago and I was way more nervous about it than he was! Too funny!

Sorry to hear you have all been sick. Our kids have been sick for weeks too. It's not much fun!

Jessica said...

I am so jealous over those cheap boots! What a steal! Love em' I hate you came home with the flu!! That is horrible. Bless your heart!

Southern Fried Girl said...

I just love the colors you put together.

Keep us informed how you dig that scale. Been thinking of investing in that myself.

Jess said...

hi! I just found your blog (can't remember where from!!)
I have enjoyed reading about your life adventures!!
A question, is your son sleeping better?!
Jess said...

$10 boots.
you had to be a shopping high after that!
i would be.
very cool of you to take a sewing class. i can't read patterns and have no idea what all the terms mean. i get out my machine's manual all the time.
cute curtains.

lizziefitz said...

You are one crafty girl! I wanted to invite you to my blog.Email me at

Jake and Taryn said...

I am soooo ready for spring too! I just can't wait! I was grocery shopping last week and noticed that all the sun screen was out in the front!! Hooray! :)

I also LOVE the curtains! You did a great job!

The Mrs. said...

I love my tanita scale...measures weight and body fat down to the smallest ammounts! Gives inspiration! Great deal on the boots!!!!!!!!