Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My take on tassels

A month or two ago stumbled upon a great blog, Nesting Place. 'The Nester' has a great sense of style and she's great to share with us some of her fabulous decorating ideas. In addition to her great decorating skills she makes adorable tassels which she sells on Etsy. Check her out if you've not already!

Several months back while wandering aimlessly around Hobby Lobby I came upon some tassel caps. They are unpainted wood caps that were marked down to .25 cents each. Not ever having made a tassel before they sat untouched in a jar in my office, waiting for inspiration. Inspiration was found after stumbling upon 'The Nester's' cute tassels. I did some googling and found instructions on how to make them and here's what I've done so far.

My tassels aren't nearly as cute has her's but it's been fun to make them and I intend to perfect my technique!

Handsome Hubby thinks I'm a goof, watching me as I try to find different places to hang my little tassels, and Aidan finds the tassels funny. Hmmm, not sure why but for whatever reason they make him chuckle. :)

Another blog that you have to check out if you haven't already is Kari & Kijsa. These two sisters are beyond creative and inspirational. They provide decorating tips, helpful hints and creative projects.


luckyfind said...

I can no longer read your site without contacting you! I stumbled onto your blog when I googled something for a work party I was planning back in November. Your site has launched me into a creative world I never knew existed! Thank you for opening my eyes to such happiness and beauty! Oh, and also thanks for recommending the Sonia Kaschuk hairbrush - I ran right out and got it and both I and my two daughters thank you! Keep up the great work and thanks again!

The Nester said...

HI Emily!

Aren't you something? Your tassels turned out so cute! They are finicky but so fun don't you think?

Oh, I have so many Emily's to keep track of {my sister is an Emily as well}. If you start making these and put me out of business, I will hunt you down!

Love you girl!

Jake and Taryn said...

Oh Wow!!! KUDOS to you!! Your tassels look SO AWESOME!!!!! :) Great job!

The Mrs. said...

Looove tassels! You foudn great places for them!

Mic In Tx said...

I just ordered some of her tassels and would love to try my hand at making them can you point me to the sites on how to make them?

Tricia Anne said...

Your tassels are so cute! You really did a wonderful job. I love the Nester tassels too!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne