Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baby Sissy's Side Table & More

Well he did it! My handsome hubby finished the much anticipated side table for Baby Sissy's room. I think it turned out fabulous and already have more projects lined up for him as a result! I'm sure he'll be more then pleased to hear what my ideas are. LOL

I also have the curtains hung in this picture which I don't believe I had up in my earlier pictures of Baby Sissy's room.

One of the projects I've added to handsome hubby's 'honey do' list is a dollhouse bookcase. There is a small section of wall situated between two doors that is begging for something special.

I'm envisioning something similar to this except I'd paint it white and perhaps paint the back 'wall' color a pink to match the curtains. What do you think? Cute huh? This would give us a great place to hold her many children's books and other cute decorative pieces that every little girl collects.

Speaking of, I love of children's books, especially those with great illustrations. In fact, I think framed pages of a beautifully illustrated book makes GREAT wall art! Something I always like to keep an eye out for.

Another 'honey do' project I'd love for handsome hubby to make is a step stool for next to Baby Sissy's crib. I promised her big brother that I'd get a little stool for him next to her crib so that he could peer in at her too. For that project I'm envisioning something similar to this, or perhaps something even more simple in design.

I feel so fortunate to have a husband who understands (for the most part) my love of decorating and can appreciate (most of the time) all the ideas and projects I have going in my head. I think the key is that he realizes that it's something that I truly enjoy doing. Earlier in our marriage I don't think he understood it as it was obviously not something he was particularly passionate about. As time has passed and as he has seen our house evolve and the joy it brings me, he has come around. Either that or he's just given up! :)


hqm said...

That looks like such a cozy corner.
I am sure you and you daughter will make many memories there!
Glad to have a new blog to read!

Kerry said...

I love the pink you have in baby sissy's room! I have a doll house book case in my daughter's room and I love it. I bought it at pottery barn 7 years ago (or was it Company Store?) You are so lukcy to have a husband who can make furniture!

ADN said...

i love the decoupage trash can you made. i'm also glad to have a new blog. good luck w/ pregnency. when is due date? i'll make you some monogrammed pink and brown burp cloths!

Christy said...

You could buy a step stool unfinished from Hobby Lobby and decoupage it. That's what my sister did for a baby gift. It turned out really cute. She painted the legs white with a pink rim around them on the top and bottom, then she decoupaged the top with patterend paper and the baby's name. Just an idea that i know you are already familiar with. Your baby room is so adorable!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to look through yours!

I have one of these dollhouse bookcases in my daughter's room.... it is white with pink trim. We bought it a few years ago at Homegoods. It is the cutest thing! :)