Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Corners of My World - First Installment

Baby Sissy's Room

Here in suburbia my family has been busy preparing for the arrival of our newest addition, a little girl, who my son has affectionately dubbed 'Baby Sissy'. We are still tossing around baby names, who knew naming a girl would be such a challenge!

Since finding out that we were having a girl I have been busying myself with plans for the nursery. I do not like themed nursery rooms as I grow tired of those kind of looks, aside from the fact that they tend to out-date themselves quickly. I do however love the idea of getting to use pinks and greens and other 'girly' colors for her room.
Bearing in mind that this is a room in progress above are some pictures of what we've done so far. Had I been thinking I would have taken some 'before' shots.

Previously my son's room, the walls are a suede color from the Ralph Lauren paint collection. Since we decided to add the chair rail and molding below we felt like the tan walls could stay the same as pink walls with the pink bedding, pink chair and pink curtains would a bit too much. The crib bedding is Pottery Barn Kids, from the Kelly collection.

To Do List:

1. Side table for next to chair - my husband is going to build a little side table. It will be a simple, white table with open shelves to store two seagrass baskets. I plan to add a simple lamp, and some accessories.

2. Formally 'dress' the wall shelves - I need to add photos to the frames and some additional accessories. I made the frames, the matting, and will show you how you can do the same in an upcoming post. Super cute and super easy!

3. Finish hanging curtains - I do not have a picture yet but we have already begun by hanging the rods as well as two panels. I bought 2 sailcloth panels, in Bright Pink, from Pottery Barn Kids and wanted to see how they looked with the other pink in the room before I commited to buying all 4 panels. I think they're going to work so I'll be heading back to PBK's to pick up the rest.

4. Add cute pillow & throw to chair and ottoman - in the picture I've posted I have a little pillow and throw on the chair, however, these will not be staying. I just wanted to get an idea of how it will look. Not sure what I'll find in the way of a pillow so I may end up making one.

5. Lastly, add some artwork to the walls

I'll be sure to post additional pictures as the room progresses.

2 1/2 months left and counting before the rooms occupant arrives!


holly said...

i can't wait to see how her room progresses ... it's already so cute!

ps ... holly is a nice name for a girl ;)

kstyle said...

Best of luck on your new blog and your new arrival. Drop by kstyle. Think you will enjoy. k

Melissa said...

What a darling room. I just found you after you left a comment on my blog today - thanks! I'm looking forward to reading more of yours - welcome to blog land!

Christy said...

those frames look really good in there against the wall color.