Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little at a time...

Bulletin Board Project
Supplies Needed:
- basic bulletin board - I purchased mine from Target. It's 48 x 24 inches and had a simple unfinished wood frame. cost - 12.99
- Acrylic Paint - (color of your choice). I chose 'Burnt Umber', brand Apple Barrel, purchased at Hobby Lobby. cost - .50
- 1 yard of fabric - (fabric of your choice). I chose a pink paisley print from Hancock's at 50% off. cost - approx 5.00
-4 yards of trim - (trim of your choice). I purchased brown trim from Joann's as they had a good selection. cost - approx 3.50
How to Guide:
1. Paint unfinished frame
2. To recreate simply cut your fabric to size of the cork board (inside frame).
3. Staple or use clear tacky glue to adhere to cork board.
4. Cut trim to proper length for all four sides and adhere with tacky glue.
4. Hang and enjoy!
Total project cost - approx 22.00 Total time spent - approx 45 mins

If simple clear or silver thumbtacks don't appeal to you, especially used on such a pretty bulletin board, there are a couple of great sites and options for decorative pushpins, www.jimclift.com and www.ballarddesigns.com .

Home Office Decorating
I decided in the midst of working on Baby Sissy's room that I also needed to begin working on revamping my home office. Truth be told I have worked full-time from my home office for nearly 1 1/2 yrs and have hardly done a thing to it; not typically my style as I love to decorate. Surely I could have found time in the past 1 1/2 yrs to decorate this space right? Wrong. I'm sad to say this room as been sorely neglected as I've spent time decorating and re-decorating other rooms of my home. So, because my timing couldn't be better (snicker, snicker) I've begun work on this room.
I will blame this latest endeavor on the maternal nesting instincts that commonly come out in the later stages of pregnancy, combined with my '2007 Mission Organization' goal. Inspiration came after perusing one of my favorite blogs http://jeanettes.typepad.com/. Aside from having many great ideas herself, her 'Studios that inspire' truly does inspire this Suburban Momma.
My home office is actually a sitting room off of my master bedroom. It's the perfect size for me and has a ton of potential. I will be posting some 'before' shots soon and then pictures of the room as it progresses.
Baby Sissy Room Update - Due to some unforeseen things that came up last weekend my handsome hubby was unable to work on Sissy's side table. However, fret not as he has begun work on it today which I hope means it will be done and ready for some fresh white paint by the weekend. More pictures to come my friends.
Have a great day!


Christy said...

great idea on the bulletin board. I'm really glad I popped in on your blog.

Kristy said...

Hi - I can't remember how I found your blog, but wanted to let you know that I love the bulletin board you made. In fact, I made one for my office using your instructions. I blogged about it here:

Thanks for the idea!