Friday, March 9, 2007

Fun Find Friday

Happy Friday to all!

It's Friday morning and I couldn't be happier. After a terrible nights sleep I'm ready to get this work day done and over with and start the weekend!

Last night we picked up the supplies needed for my handsome hubby to make the side table for Baby Sissy's room. He plans to work on it this weekend so hopefully I can post some new pictures soon.

I'm working on a bulletin board project for my home office and plan to post some pictures for you with instructions by the first of next week. The project is coming along nicely so far and I think you'll find it super cute!

Fun Find Friday item: Found this cute tote at Old Navy this past week for only 10.00, down from 20.00! I think it's super cute with its brown and khaki color combo...perfect neutral tote to carry this Spring.

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m_lawinsky said...

I have a feeling that, though your blog is a great way to create lists, that you will still, on those randon girls weekends, arrive with list in hand. :) I do love your creative spirit and sense of style. I like to think that's one of our mutual qualities that makes us friends (you knew i'd have to make it about me at some point). Love ya!!! :)