Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby Names and such

Here is a picture of her first initial. I purchased an unfinished wooden letter from Joann's Fabrics and painted it.

Well, believe it or not I think Handsome Hubby and I have FINALLY decided on a name for Baby Sissy. Actually, there's no turning back now as we've told most of our family and friends the name and with my love of all things monogrammed there's a strong possibility that something has already got her name on it!

Coming up with a girls name was a huge challenge for us. I'm not sure why it was so much more difficult then choosing our son's name. After countless rounds ('rounds' is a nice way of saying heated debates) with Handsome Hubby we finally came down to a name that we both liked. Ultimately we both wanted something a bit unique but not so much that it would leave people asking why we made up such a name.

Without further adieu.....drum roll please.....
Delaney Elizabeth

Delaney means "Of the Alder Grove". Not exactly an awe inspiring meaning however Elizabeth does have personal meaning to me as it is my middle name as well as my late Grandmother's middle name. I knew if I ever had a girl I would want her middle name to be Elizabeth. We seriously tossed around a few other names, one being, Loren, which also has special meaning to me. Loren is the name of my late Grandfather and I must admit I'm feeling a bit guilty and sad that we decided to not go with that name.

Switching gears, last weekend was fairly uneventful. Saturday was pretty much spent with friends and was a lot of fun. Sunday went down hill I'm afraid as I came down with a nasty head cold which resulted in a mini breakdown Sunday evening. My poor Handsome Hubby. Between being this far along in the pregnancy (translating to VERY uncomfortable) and the misery of a good ol' fashioned cold I was mess. This past week I've been drained but I think I may be on the upward swing.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful so I'm hoping that my cold is gone by then so I will feel a bit more peppy. I would like to spend as much time as possible outdoors.
Oh! Nearly forgot! I found a children's sized Adirondack chair at Michael's over the weekend. They are unfinished, just what I was looking for, and came in a set of two which ALSO includes a little table. I would post a picture but I have the box hidden in my garage (ok, so my hubby reads this so much for being 'hidden') and Michael's do not have them for purchase online so I can't get a picture from their site. Nonetheless it was a GREAT DEAL! For the 2 chairs and the little table it was under 35.00. (I used my 40% off coupon from the Sunday paper.) Since the cats out of the bag now I think I'll try and put them together this weekend since it's going to be so nice out and perhaps even get them painted. I'll for sure post pictures!
Hope everyone is having a good week! Only 2 work days left til the weekend!
***Sorry for the weird spacing. I've been having issues getting my posts to reflect the paragraph spacing I've used. It just seems to revert to whatever spacing it chooses.***


Kris said...

Hi Emily! I love your blog! Great name choice for the little one :) Sydney's middle name is "Elizabeth" (a family tradition) and we love it. Only a few more weeks for you to do! We're almost half way there.... it's a long journey, isn't it?! ~ Kris

Anonymous said...

I love the name that you have choosen. When I was pregnant I had a harder time picking a girls name then a boys name...lucky for my decision making skills I had a boy. But, I think the name is beautiful!!

Celina said...

That is a great name! We had a harder time picking out our son's name... maybe it is something to do with the second child.

I can't wait to see the adirondack chairs...I may have to venture up to Michael's myself. Now if they only had these in adult size with the 40% off coupon, we'd be set!! :)

Melissa said...

I think Delaney Elizabeth is an absolutely beautiful name. Great choice!

hqm said...

What a sweet name. Elizabeth is one of my very favorite names. Girls names are so hard because there are so many pretty names.
Glad you found the chairs...look forward to seeing them finished!

Kerry said...

I love this name! I think we have a children's book about a Delaney. I'll look and let you know!

Emily said...

Thank you all for such nice feedback! It's so nice to know that others like the name as well. :)

Kerry, if you do happen upon that 'Delaney' book I'd definitely love to know the name! Thanks so much! :)

sisters with style said...

Delaney is such a beautiful name. I love Elizabeth, this is my little girls middle name as well.