Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Plea to Spring

Dear Spring,

Where have you gone? It is obvious from your rapid departure that I have upset you in some way.

Was it the ill-fitting capris I was so eager to throw on at the first signs of you? The way I disregarded your non-committal nature so early in the season by aggressively planting all sorts of flowers in my flower pots? Or perhaps it was the way I so boastfully showed off my amazingly fast growing Peony plants to the neighbors? More likely it was the careless comments I threw around about how I would for sure be going for lots of walks once you arrived and the way I found excuses to do other things when you produced those sunny days.

Surely the whole midwest, no, surely the whole NATION, should not be punished for my transgressions!

If you return again soon I promise to not take you for granted. I will pack away those ill-fitting capris until I've spent more time going for those walks I promised you I'd take. I will consider your temperamental nature before further planting in my flower pots rather then assuming you're here to stay. I will be more humble with my 'amazingly fast growing' Peonies.

These things I promise you Spring. Just please come back, I implore you.

Desperately yours,



Morgan said...

ROFL! Love it!

Don't kick me when I tell you that it's 80 degrees here and I have my AC on, *evil laugh*

Well, okay, that deserves a kick...

markie515 said...

indeed, where are you spring!? snow tomorrow, here in new york!? 'Tis after Easter!

Celina said...

I could have written this myself. I was so eagerly anticipating spring's arrival as a sign for the end of our pregnancies. Instead, the winter coats were brought back out...might I add that my daughter's coat had already been washed and put away...never to be seen again!!

Savvy Momma