Thursday, April 19, 2007

Random This and Thats

Wow! I've been such a terrible blogger this week! Where has the time gone?

This post will be full of random updates as it seems like there's been so much, yet so little, going on around here....

On the weather front:

It appears that my desperate plea to Spring worked! Can I get a HALLELUJAH? :)
It has been sunny and warmer and the weather forecast for this weekend is looking great! According to our 'now in good graces' weatherman, it is to be 80 and sunny on Saturday and 70's for as far as the eye can see. Yes, happy times have returned again. Last weekend in fact I managed to get a bit of a sun burn. (WOW!) While Handsome Hubby worked on landscaping projects and my son played with his outdoor toys I parked myself in the sun with a truck load of magazines. Boy did it feel good to have my feet up, soaking up the sun, reading my magazines. AND, as I promised in my plea to Spring I have already managed to go for two walks this week. No excuses this time! Although I must admit I was moving rather slow towards the end there.

On the baby front:

I just had my 35th week appt today and we've got news of sorts. It appears that I'm measuring a couple weeks ahead and that there is a good chance they will be inducing me on May 14th. Apparently Baby Sissy is measuring big which I'm not sure I quite understand. Well, I'm average sized, perhaps a bit taller then the average woman I guess as I'm about 5'7" so I don't really think that's it. So, we're blaming Handsome Hubby for her size as he is 6'6"!
We're trying to let the fact that she may be here in 3 weeks sink in. Just doesn't seem too far off now. Can I get another hallelujah?! ;)

On the decorating/project front:

As I promised here are some pictures of the little paper lantern mobile we've hung over Baby Sissy's crib. I think I really like it. I say I 'think' I like it because I'm really not sure how much she'll really enjoy this version of a mobile but it is awfully cute; more so then the pictures do justice. The center lantern is a brighter pink but the color is seeming to come off a bit strange in the photos.

We've also done a few other projects in the way of landscaping which I may have to take some pictures of this weekend to share.

Ultimately I foresee our projects slowing for the next few months as we adjust to life with a newborn again. However, with the beautiful weather and the fact that we love spending time outdoors I'm sure we'll be doing a few projects here and there. Last year I bought some plans on how to make a 'pint-sized picnic table'. It looks like it should be fairly easy to make so I'd love for Handsome Hubby to make that for our back yard entertaining area. I think my son 'Big Brother' and his friends would LOVE having their own little table to sit at when we entertain outdoors. I'd also love to find a couple of unfinished 'pint-sized' Adirondack chairs that I could situate near big brothers playhouse. I'd paint them in a fun bright red color! If anyone knows of a good place to find such a chair I'd love to hear from you!

Hopefully we'll get to these projects sooner then later and if we do I'll for sure be sharing pictures with you all!

And just for fun here is a picture of Big Brother from Easter weekend. He's such a little ham!

I promise to be a better blogger this week and will report back soon with all the weekend fun!


hqm said...

The room looks ready! And very pretty, I might add! are ready for that baby girl to arrive!

P.S. i have been Mod Podging my heart out since your "coasters" post!

Celina said...

The room looks AWESOME! I love the lanterns!

Elizabeth H. said...

Cute room! My birthday is May 14 and my name is Elizabeth.