Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally Friday!

The sun is shining, the forecast is calling for sunny skies, warm temps, my cold appears to be somewhat retreating, and it's FRIDAY! Happy times are here again.
This is where I wish I was going to be tonight. If I close my eyes real tight and imagine really hard I can completely picture myself sitting at this table tonight. In this little fantasy I am sipping a glass of wine (ok, several glasses), feeling the ocean breeze on my face and laughing with a table full of my friends.

Ahhh! This space inspires me today.

However, in reality this is where I will likely spend my Friday evening.

Yes, although I love my Costco I must say that times have certainly changed around here when a 'fun' Friday night out is now a trip to Costco to peruse the aisles and stock up on paper towels and t.p. In preparation for Baby Sissy's arrival I've decided it's pertinent that we stock up on a variety of items. I got the idea somewhere to stock up on things such as paper plates and the likes so that you don't have to deal with dishes in the first several weeks after bringing baby home. SOOO, the big Costco list for tonight includes mass quantities of; paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, garbage sacks, t.p., dishwasher detergent, and laundry soap. I know you're terribly thrilled to read this exciting list. :)

A few more things that I'm loving.....

I just love this look for summer. All the shiny silver mixed with the textured baskets and the clean creamy whites...yum!

Love, Love, Love this shade of blue. We need a new duvet and shams for our master bedroom. We've had the same bedding from our Wedding Shower which was close to 8 yrs ago! Our master bedroom walls are painted a warm shade of brown that I think would look so lovely with this blue!

This old fashioned bottle holder from Pottery Barn is so scrumptious. I love the idea of entertaining with this handsome little number.

I'm starting to feel better and definitely inspired so I'm thinking I'll be a better blogger again. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more energy to do all the little projects I've been mulling around in my head.

Enjoy your Friday!


Delaney Gates said...

Love that bottle holder! Many times in my life, I too, dream about where I want to be... Then I wake up and realize I'm standing in an aisle at Walmart.

hqm said...

I love that sofa table ,too! I think I could use it in about ten different places in my house!

Christy said...

As great as Costco is...I'd want to go there on a Friday night too.