Monday, April 9, 2007

So easy you can 'Coast' right through it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

As promised here is the coaster project. It's super easy and completely customizable to match to your own color scheme. I came up with this idea after having a hard time finding unique coasters for my living room. Also, my side tables are smaller and I only needed a couple of coasters, not the standard set of 4 or 6.

Items you'll need to get started:

-Mod Podge
-Tacky Glue
-Craft Paint in color of your choice - purchased mine at Hobby Lobby for .59
-unfinished wooden coaster base (I'm really not sure what the term is for this piece but I found them in two different sizes at Hobby Lobby in their unfinished wood section. I got the slightly larger size that was .99 but you can get a smaller version for 2 for 1.00.)
-decorative paper - I used scrapbook paper but you could use a leftover scrap of wallpaper, a favorite gift wrap paper, fabric, etc.

-felt - I used some leftover felt from my living room coasters which was approximately .25 for the piece.

How to guide:

1. Paint unfinished wooden base
2. Cut paper to fit top and adhere with Mod Podge to coaster base
3. Mod Podge over the entire coaster (sides and top) to seal the coaster and protect
4. cut felt piece to fit bottom of wooden base, adhere with tacky glue

Ta-da! You're done! It's really that simple!

Here's the one I made for the side table in Baby Sissy's room. I just needed one and it's custom made to match her room.

Here are the two I made for made for my living room. I plan to make some additional coasters to change out with each season. I'm thinking something brighter and fun for summer, perhaps a white wooden base with a simple seashell cut out decoupaged on top.

With the help of handsome hubby I was able to get the paper lanterns hung in Baby Sissy's room and I think it looks great. I'll be posting pictures soon.

On a side note, I have to send a big Congratulations shout out to my dear friend and neighbor, Savvy Momma who just had her baby boy today! She and I have seen each other through these second pregnancies and I'm so excited for her that he has finally arrived! We're planning to visit them tomorrow and I can't wait to meet him!

Is it my turn yet?! :) Nope, still have 6 weeks left to go!


jenmarie702 said...

This post has TOTALLY inspired me!! What a great gift these would make...I am so excited!!
Love your blog!!

hqm said...

This is a great idea....I added the wooden disks to my list for the craft store!

Christy said...

Your coasters are adorable. And don't you just love that pink/white damask print. I just got back from H.L. today and picked up some more of that paper. I also picked up some pink/white toile and blue/white toile that I thought would be really cute for baby room ideas. Are you going to actually use these or are they just for looks? I was just curious if the Modge Podge seals them enough to endure the moisture from a glass?

Emily said...

Hi Christy!

Yes, the Modge Podge acts as a sealant so they are protected from the moisture. I use the two in my living room all the time and they work great! Just be sure to cover them completely with the Modge Podge and they'll be sealed.

Ashley said...

hey! glad to see a new name on my blog! i had fears (seriously) that i would get hatemail from women telling me to shut up about my pregnancy and be grateful (which i am) just needed to vent. i'll be back to visit you. love this place already and the coaster and i guess i need to do crest white strips...i'm allergic to all self-tanners! no fun. i've tried them all, even the most expensive to the wal-mart brands. bummer. okay...'nuf chattin'...i'll be BACK! blessings!

Melissa said...

Those are sooo cute! Thanks for sharing the idea!

Kerry said...

love this idea -- wish I was more crafty...

ADN said...

nice...thanks for the idea.

Morgan said...

How creative! They turned out great! Love the distressed look on the one for "Baby Sissy's" room :o)

Hang in there!! The last 6 weeks are sooooo tough aren't they! we just had baby #2, another girl, she's 6 weeks tomorrow...time goes by so much faster when you aren't pregnant, lol!

Celina said...

My dear friend...thanks for the shout out to congratulate me on our son's arrival. This means that you are all the more closer to the arrival of your lil angel!

P.S. I've not only seen these coasters in person, but I watched her make the ones for her living room!! They are super cute!!!

Savvy Momma