Monday, April 30, 2007

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Hope everyone had a good weekend! The weather did indeed turn out to be beautiful here over the weekend and I am happy to report that we spent much of our time outside enjoying it.

Still feeling inspired by the Pottery Barn console table setting I posted on Friday I decided to make my own little twist on it. Now, bear in mind this is a VERY loose translation of the look but I had to work with what I had. My front entryway is not large therefore I have just a small table next to the front door. The table is black so it's not the creamy white pictured on the PB table, however, the thing I loved most about the PB picture is the shiny silver mixed with the textured brown baskets and such.

This isn't a great picture but basically my very loose translation is that I added the textured brown basket on the shelf underneath which I am using to store the dog leash and other items that I might need as I run out the door.

The little silver/galvanized lanterns are a fun find from Target in their little 'Dollar Spot' near the front entrance of their stores. Although they're not nearly as cool as the big silver lanterns at PB they are still awfully cute and who can beat $1?!
I also added the glass cylinder with the black pebbles for some additional texture along with the faux green sprigs. I wanted to bring in some green for spring/summer and I really think the combination of the silvers/blacks/greens and browns is fresh for this time of year. I'm all about mixing the different textures together.

Another little project I worked on over the weekend involved a simple brown clipboard purchased from Office Depot. As I'm still slowly working on updating my home office I decided that I'd put a fun twist on a normally boring item.

I simply painted the ends of the clipboard in white, then decoupaged a pretty scrapbook paper to it. I then trimmed it out with some ribbon I picked up to match at Hobby Lobby. It was a simple as that!

Again, I apologize I'm not much of a photographer but this gives you an
idea at least! I was thinking that it might be fun to make 6 or 8 of these clipboards in different patterns but keeping the same color scheme then hanging them in two rows on an office wall. It would be bright and fun and it would allow you to quickly switch out pictures, notes, artwork, etc but it could/would act as art itself. I can picture it but I may not be describing my idea well. If I end up doing it in my office I'll be sure to show you.

We did get the 'pint-sized' Adirondack chairs and side table assembled on Sunday however I have not painted them yet. I may try to work on that this week. I just need to decide if I want to paint them white or red. The chairs a bit smaller then I had anticipated but they are super cute nonetheless. Pictures to soon follow!


Delaney Gates said...

Well, aren't you a little miss Martha Stewart! :) Love your projects!

ADN said...

when is that bambino coming????

Emily said...

Not soon enough! I know, it probably seems like I've been pregnant for a good year! LOL :)

At my appt last week they said that they would probably induce on May 14th if she doesn't arrive sooner. SO, at latest hopefully we're just looking at 1 1/2 wks left!

Thanks for asking!! :)

Celina said...

I love the little lanterns from Target! I like how you decorated your front door table!!!

elizabeth said...

i love the table in your entryway- you did a great job!

Kerry said...

I am thinking I need one of these clip boards and it looks easy enough... even for the not-so-crafty! Good job!

hqm said...

I made clip boards for my handbag party order forms. I did them a bit different...I was inspired by your coaster project!