Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Pregnant Woman's Beauty Plan

It's something I nearly forgot from the first time around but there's no denying it, at least not for me. It's very hard to feel anything but frumpy and restless at 33 weeks pregnant.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am SO grateful that my pregnancy so far as not been riddled with complications and that my baby appears to be growing healthy and happily. I'm just feeling rather large, and definitely not in charge of my body.

Typically this time of year my head is swimming with thoughts of shopping for summer clothes, exercising to lose those extra pounds prior to the start of swimsuit season, and planning for all the glorious summertime fun that lay before me.

This year my head swims with thoughts of how it is even possible for my tummy to stretch further and our upcoming arrival. It's slightly depressing to see all the cute summer outfits knowing that it will very likely take me all summer to even begin to recognize my pre-baby #2 bod.

However, not one to sit around on my loins and feel sorry for myself for long I have decided to take action in anyway I know how. After reading Erin's latest post regarding her current sunless self tanner obsession I had to chuckle. I too have recently become a self tanner junkie.

In my personal quest to make myself feel more attractive and less frumpy for spring I have begun to use the two following products with faithful regularity.

I've found this to be a good product for a gradual, natural looking sunless tan. I use lotion for medium skin tones and it really looks pretty good. To shorten the whole apply then wait 'til it dries routine I just apply to the body parts that will see the light of day at this point (i.e my neck/shoulders/arms and from the knees down).

Nice white teeth are important. Period. End of story for me. It's one of the first things I notice about a person and even if they've got everything else going on, if their teeth are yellowed/grayed or in generally bad condition it's hard for me to get past it.

About 6 years ago I 'splurged' and went to the dentist to be fitted with trays for a professional teeth whitening. This was just before the big teeth whitening obsession hit the nation and I must say I reveled in my brilliant whites. I can't tell you the number of compliments I received on my smile AND how nice it felt for the ol' self esteem. Sadly, and very randomly I might add, my very large Golden Retriever managed to get a hold of them off my bathroom counter and chewed them to pieces! How strange is that?! I later learned that for whatever reason this is not that uncommon occurrence. Hmmmmm....I digress.

Other 'Beauty' shout outs:

- Going to get spa pedi's at the various strip mall nail salons. For $25 to get an hour in the massage chair, time with a magazine or friend and fresh sparkly feet you can't beat it! If you've not gone out to get your spring pedi I recommend you don't delay! You deserve the treat!

- Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets -another nod to Erin over at 'Ladybug's Picnic' as she recently raved about this product. I too love this product. If you even get the slightest bit oily you've got to give these a try. The sheets absorb soooo much better then the regular old tissue kind. Only around $4 you've got to give them a try especially with summer just around the corner!

- Bare Escentuals - i.d. bareminerals foundation and i.d. bareminerals warmth. A friend turned me onto this product and I have grown to LOVE it. I get a great smooth, silky finish and the 'warmth' powder adds the perfect amount of color to my face.

- Bath and Body Works - ILE DE TAHITI body lotion and spray in Tiare Flower. It's such a fresh, light scent for spring. It's funny, my OB dr always seems to comment on how lovely a scent it is at my bi-wkly appts with her. (I don't think she obviously remembers that she's mentioned it at my past 3 appts.) lol

I have several other products that I love but I'll have to save those for another post as I've already been too long winded!

Hope everyone is enjoying their hump day!


ADN said...

I use that same lotion but still think it has alittle odor, don't you? Obviously, you can just spray your tahiti perfume from bath and body and you're good to go!

E said...

I have that lotion in my arsenal too! I remember being all post-partum last summer, too. It's no fun and it's so much work to get back where we feel like we should be but you'll get there, mama :)

Decorating Queen said...

Hello! Their are so many cute clothes out there for spring and like myself I'm in the same boat. I'm now 35 weeks and am sooo ready to have this baby. I'm not huge other than my belly. LOL! I strongly agree with getting pedicures. My 3 1/2 year old daughter loves going with me and she gets her little toes done too. It does make you feel a little sexy and re-freshed after you have one & hip ofcourse.
So after shopping at the mall yesterday for my little angels, it was off to the local grocery store to do some shopping. I have found this awesome lotion called Vaseline Cocoa butter Deep Conditioning cream. I usually use bath & bodyworks but this one really caught my eye. Needless to say this stuff is awesome. Also, this has helped me unwind after a stressful day or just needing to relax. bath & bodyworks Eucalyptus Spearmint Bodywash and Body lotion. Love it!!! I sleeped sooo good last night. You know your last month sleep is just not happening because we are so uncomfortable. I do love Jergens self tanners lotion and have been using it too. Love it! I'm ready to hit the gym coming June and get back into shape and loose some weighed. Any who thought I would share some of my favorite things. Hang in there we are almost there! Have a Great Day! Nicole

Emily said...

'adn' - I definitely agree with you about the 'off' odor on the Jergen's lotion. I think they could probably do a better job with that! Until then I will douse myself with my Tahiti spray as you said! :)

'e' - Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!

'decorating queen' - thanks for the tips on your 'favorite things'. I love it!
Also, wanted to thank you for your other sweet comments. It does seem we have alot in common!

Thank you all for taking time to read my blog and leave commments! I really love hearing from you!